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A good book worth reading, with mature writing and excellent plot, here is the wonderful content for everyone


First book: "I Shall Seal the Heavens" by Er Gen

Introduction: Zhao Kingdom is a small country, like other small countries in the south, longing for Dongtu, Longing for Datang, Longing for Chang'an, this is the admiration of the lord, and the ideal of Zhao Guowensheng, just like the tenement buildings in the capital. , Is as high as the imperial palace, and it seems that you can see Chang'an, the eastern land of thousands of mountains and rivers. In the April season, there is no coldness, and naturally there is no uncomfortable heat. A slight wind blew the ground, passed the Qiang flute of the North Desert, and passed the Great Tang of the East, raising some dust like fog.

Guide to the pit: Along the way, Meng Hao's expression became more and more excited. The road he walked was bloody... It was the blood of dozens of mountain beasts that were stained red by the exploded blood. "Bang." A wild wolf with a lot of hair in front of Meng Hao screamed and fell into his ass three times in a row by an invisible impact. When it finally exploded, his ass was completely bloody. "Boom." Before a big eagle rushed down to find food in the woods, before it flew up, it made a miserable cry as if it had experienced a nightmare it had never had in its entire life, and its butt exploded directly.

Bang, boom. "It was a fierce tiger the size of two people. It was rushing towards Meng Hao from the forest, but it was still in the air. The terrifying roar turned into a tragic cry, and half of its ass was bloody. Open, Xu is the reason for the thick hair of the tiger, and it has been exploded five times in a row. "Treasure, this is a powerful treasure. "Unknowingly, it was dusk, and Meng Hao's expression was extremely excited. He looked at the bronze mirror in his hand. The number of fierce beasts whose buttocks were exploded by this mirror all day was no less than a hundred.

Fortunately, there are many barren mountains here, otherwise if they are all concentrated on one mountain, this mountain will surely become so full of energy. "But this mirror is not all effective. I tried python and river fish before. It didn't respond to things with scales. On the contrary, the more luxuriant the hair, the stronger the mirror." Meng Hao tried many times this day and found that This mirror has no effect in the storage bag. It has a miraculous effect only when it is held in his hand. He even has a strange feeling. It seems that the bronze mirror in his hand is more excited than himself when he explodes the beast butt.


The second book: "Eternal Life" Author: Chen Dong

Introduction: Who in the world can survive? No matter you are magnificent and beautiful, you will eventually become a pink skull. No matter what you are a generation of arrogance, sitting on thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, in the end, it will eventually turn into a loess. However, the legend about immortality has always been handed down to the world. Therefore, it is said that there is a vastness beyond the world.

Guide to the pit: After ten years of hard work on the mysterious stone carvings, Xiao Chen has benefited a lot. His physique is constantly changing, and he has a vaguely reborn feeling. However, what finally gave him confidence in this gas refining map was that it originated from a fierce battle in the Kunlun Mountains. Want to watch the miracle of Lan Nuo Wu breaking through the void, and don't want to be bullied by the guards of the royal goddess on the road. It was the most tragic fight in his life. He even broke through the thirteen royal guards, and in the meantime, Zhao Lin'er was attacked. The personal servant maid beheaded.

It can be seen that the mysterious stone carvings are not common tactics. Ten years of hard work has made him enter the room. Day after day of cultivation, the deeper Xiao Chen's understanding of the Heaven-sent Qi Refining Diagram, the more he felt that there was still a follow-up. He felt that this was not a complete practice technique! According to legend, the stone stele of the Yellow River in Yongzhen was descended from the nine days. There may be similar steles, but if you want to get follow-up inscriptions, the chance is really slim! The sun, the moon, the essence of plants and trees... There are endless vitality in nature, with all kinds of energies. Xiao Chen ran the qi refining technique in the coconut grove, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, and nourishing his wounded body, and the hazy glow of the sun enveloped him.

After two hours passed, Xiao Chen woke up from the tranquility, his injury was not as serious as expected, and he expected to fully recover within ten days. The red sun is falling to the west, the afterglow falls on the sea, and the shadow is red. The sea and the sky are connected together, and the sea and haze are all red. "Boom", "Boom", "Boom"... At this moment, there was trembling from the beach, and the dull sound reached Xiao Chen's ears. He turned his head and looked on, his face changed drastically.


The third book: "A Will Eternal" by Er Gen

Introduction: One thought turns into a sea, and one thought turns into a sacred field. Maoer Mountain is located in the Donglin Mountains. There is a village at the bottom of the mountain. The folk customs are simple and simple, relying on farming for a living, isolated from the world. In the early morning, in front of the gate of the village, the folks in the whole village were seeing off a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy. The boy was thin, but white and clean. He looked very well-behaved. Even though he was dressed in an ordinary green shirt, he was The washed whiteness, worn on this young man's body, matched with the purity in his eyes, revealing a touch of agility.

Guide to the pit: Seeing Xu Baocai approaching the door, Bai Xiaochun stood up abruptly. "Come so fast..." There was hesitation in his eyes. Although he had made complete preparations in the past six months, he still felt that he was not ready. According to his original idea, he had to wait until the fourth layer of Qi condensing. insurance. But now that the other party came with seven or eight people, Bai Xiaochun knew that he couldn't hide, so he gritted his teeth fiercely.

Fight! He took a deep breath, put on seven or eight leather jackets, and put the spare pot for cooking Lingmi on his back. Then he pushed open the door nervously and walked out. Almost at the same time he walked out, Zhang was fat The others also carried a large spoon of kitchen knife aggressively in front of the door of the Huo Stove Room, confronting Xu Baocai and the others. "I said why I heard the crows calling this morning. It turns out that your supervisory room only knows how to squeeze the same door. Asshole, come to our fire room to go wild! "Zhang Da Pang snorted coldly, standing there like a hill, his voice thunderous, spreading all around.

Big Fatty Zhang, others are afraid of your burning stove, but our supervisory room doesn't care about you. We received a cry from Junior Brother Xu and came to exercise the rights of the supervisory room today. Do you dare to resist? "The seven or eight figures next to Xu Baocai looked proud. Although they were dressed as handymen, there was an obvious word "supervisor" on the cuffs, which represented the extraordinary rights and status of their supervisory room. Especially. It's one of the big guys, with a sturdy back and a bearish waist, exuding three layers of condensed energy, cold light flashes in his eyes, and he stares at Zhang Dapang coldly, turning a blind eye to the other people around Zhang Dapang. "Fart, it makes sense to chase down my younger brother. Up!

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