Today's top ten harem novels recommended for fantasy

Speaking of the harem style, I believe all book fans will understand that the protagonist has many wives, girlfriends, and confidantes in the novel. Today, I will take stock of the top ten harem novels in the fantasy category.

10th [Otherworldly Evil Monarch]

This novel is the representative work of "Wind Over the World". In the novel, the protagonist was originally the king of S-hands. Later, he died in battle to protect the Chinese secret treasure "Linglong Hongjun Pagoda", and then traveled to another world, and got it by chance. The magic weapon 'Linglong Hongjun Pagoda' left in the world by the great Chinese god Hongjun, integrates it into his body, and obtains peerless opportunities such as 'creation of the heavens'. The harem was harvested, and the number of harems reached 9 at the time of ascension.

The ninth place [enchantment]

This novel is the representative work of the Internet writer "I am Ink". In the novel, the protagonist has a classic saying that the woman who gets started must be protected for the rest of her life. This sounds very infatuated, but in the novel, the protagonist's harem The number of people has reached 10, and the beauties in the harem are all very powerful. It can be regarded as a combination of Xueba and Xueba. The plot of the novel is exciting and fascinating.


Eighth place【Martial Peak

This novel is the representative work of the Internet writer "Mo Mo". In the novel, the protagonist was originally an ordinary disciple without cultivation talent. Because cultivation talent is really poor, he can only be a sweeper, working and practicing at the same time. , Later, he got a black book without words and slowly set foot on martial arts. He not only opened up the cultivation talent against the sky, but also received a large number of young ladies. There are 9 on the surface alone, plus other more

7th place【Almighty Sword Domain

This novel is the representative work of the online writer 'Qingluan Peak'. The protagonist in the novel interprets it very well. Halo, the protagonist, not only has a strong talent for cultivation, but also has a strong relationship with the opposite sex. The number of female protagonists alone has reached 14. The novel is smooth in writing and novel in story. Once it was first published, it was loved and supported by many fans.


Sixth place [God controls the world]

This novel is the representative work of the online writer "I Am Pure". In the novel, the protagonist was originally a super master of the earth. Because of his self-destruction of his dantian, he accidentally crossed over and was possessed by a dragon with the same name and surname. Later, he relied on the memory of his previous life. , as well as the three major artifacts in the sea of knowledge, cultivated into a super master, and then lived a life without shame and shame with 16 wives like flowers and jade. The plot of this book is rich and orderly, which makes readers hooked after reading it.

Fifth place [Tianchen]

This novel is a classic work by the online writer "Mars Gravity". In the novel, the protagonist is the body of chaos, but because there can only be one body of chaos in a space, he was sent to another world by his father, and then took it with him. With the blessing of the holy unicorn of the Five Elements, the protagonist started his life against the sky, and then accepted 18 beauties into the harem. The novel has a novel conception, which is different from the Xiaobaiwen pursued by ordinary readers.


Fourth place [Xianwu Emperor Zun]

This novel is the representative work of the online writer "Emperor Xianwu". It tells the story of a waste boy who suffered a car accident on earth and was reborn to the fairyland. From countless blood and bones, he uncovered the mystery that has blinded the world for thousands of years. The story of the shocking conspiracy, as a harem-style novel, although the quantity is very important, the quality can not be bad. In the novel, the protagonist's harem is basically a princess, a saint, etc., not only the appearance is high, but also the identity and talent are very high. Strong, in the end the protagonist received 19 into the harem.

Third place【Against the Gods

This novel is the representative work of the online writer "Mars Gravity". The novels about Mars Gravity are basically harem-style, and ATG is a very representative work. From the very beginning, the novel has arranged a goddess fiancee for the protagonist, and A little aunt who is not related by blood, by the middle and late stages of the novel, the number of people in the harem has reached 18, and there will be more if you count other beauties. The plot is vivid and the characters are detailed, and it is worth reading.

Second place【World Defying Dan God

This novel is the representative work of the online writer "Little Thief". In this novel, the protagonist has an affair with a goddess and a witch, obtains their supreme inheritance, obtains the divine veins against the sky, learns peerless magic, and masters the transcendent alchemy technique. He is proud of his spring on the road of martial arts. In addition to practicing, the protagonist is in the harem. When the final statistics are made, the number of harems has reached more than 40, which is a winner in life.


1st place [Beast blood boiling]

This novel is the representative work of the Internet writer "Jing Guan". In this novel, the protagonist not only brings the harem to the extreme, but also exerts his own characteristics. In addition to the human race, there are beauties of other races, like foxes. People, mermaids, swan princesses, elves, and even demons are not spared, not only in quantity, but also in excellent quality. This is also a very enjoyable novel, well worth reading.

The ranking of the above ten novels is purely personal opinion. Do you know which classic novels are good-looking, welcome to leave a message in the panda novel comment area.