Who is the reincarnation of the Demon Lord in Chen Dong's novels? Is it the strongest?

The Demon Lord is a character in Chen Dong's novels "Immortal and Immortal" and "The Tomb of God". When you think of the Demon Lord, what is your first impression? Domineering, yes domineering. "In the vast land, whoever controls the ups and downs, only I am the devil master" once shocked the first devil of the ancient times, and his skill is so powerful that it is rare to meet an opponent.

There are many characters described in Chen Dong's novels, but the most domineering character is the Demon Lord. This kind of arrogance is unmatched. This kind of domineering is not a setting or a realm, but a unique temperament reflected in the characters in the novel.

Friends who have learned how to write novels may know that the character traits of novel characters, especially very important characters, are not set by the author, but are determined by the direction of the plot. Once the character image of the novel is really full, then this image is no longer dependent on the author's setting to some extent.


For example, who is the most powerful in the online literature circle?

Some people say that it is Gu Chensha in "Dragon Talisman", the reason is that it is omnipotent, omnipotent, out of nothing, infinite and boundless, and transcends everything; some people say that it is Qing'er in "One Sword Sovereign", the reason is invincibility, no realm, it is a bug ;There are certain reasons, but I have to say that there may be a lot of debate about who is the first in combat power, but the word "invincible" belongs only to the Emperor Huangtian. Invincible is not a setting or a realm, but a temperament and a unique sense of picture reflected in the plot of the novel.

To say that Gu Chensha is invincible or Qinger is invincible or some other character is invincible is honestly empty, and it makes readers feel empty when they read it. As some netizens said, it is meaningless to write a novel to set a character invincible, because it cannot reflect that kind of picture at all. It is meaningless to set invincible and invincible simply. Another example is Huang Tiandi and Ye Tiandi, who is more powerful, each has its own fans, so it is difficult to say. But the word "invincible" is more suitable for Huang, which can be recognized by most readers.

Then the "domineering" of the Demon Lord is unique. They are also the four souls of Zhantian, and their combat power is similar, but the "domineering" belongs to the Demon Lord alone.


At that time, he was an invincible hand in the sky and the ground, and was honored in the Six Paths. Even after death, a tombstone is shocking for eternity! Although he was a remnant of a soul after being resurrected, he still turned his hands into clouds and covered his hands into rain. No matter how strong a master of the sky was, he would still be detained by him in the third realm. I do my own way, who can help me? Respect through the ages, the Eternal Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord is pure, and in his heart there is neither good or bad nor good and evil.

In "Immortal and Immortal", he is called the Great Demon King, the biggest villain, and the black hand behind the scenes of the forces on the other side.

But his purpose is different from the villains in ordinary novels. The villains in other novels are either to harvest all beings or to enslave all beings, but the purpose of the demon master to establish the power of the other side is to reproduce the ancient mythological era. He wants to know the truth of the past, Find out the great mystery that no one knows. And he killed so many ancient martial artists in order to use the huge spiritual power to surpass the gods, and becoming a god is his primary goal, and in the end he still has to challenge the sky.

At the end of the battle of "God's Tomb", he kills his relatives, kills himself, and then kills the enemy. The Demon Lord and Dugu Baitian are planning to kill the heavens through the ages. As far as the Demon Lord is concerned, it is not for saving the common people. Instead, he didn't want to have an existence stronger than himself to enslave him. In the eyes of "Heaven", all beings are just a role in his game, and all beings are just a group of pitiful worms. And this is absolutely unacceptable to the Demon Lord (simply put, he doesn't want to be a leek). It is not for the sake of enslaving sentient beings that the Demon Lord keeps getting stronger. As far as the Demon Lord is concerned, all living beings are not worthy of his enslavement.

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