Three extreme longevity novels, the protagonist is as stable as an old dog, never risking himself in danger

Today, Panda Novel is here to recommend books to everyone. It has been ten years since I started contacting online novels. During this long period of time, I have read many very good novels, but what! As the saying goes, Lele alone is not as good as Lele in the crowd. In this regard, Xiaoxiao decided to recommend novels that I have read and thought good to everyone. The most important thing is that I hope everyone can like it.

Today, the theme of Panda Novel's push book is mainly around the word "gou". For the protagonists of most novels, it is impossible to hide themselves in the limelight. Therefore, in today's online novels, it can be said that It is Long Aotian that prevails. For this reason, here are a few classic fantasy novels where the protagonist seeks longevity to the limit. Friends who like this theme are advised to start!


"A Will Eternal"

Author: Er Gen

As for this name, I believe that as long as it is a friend who has been exposed to the Internet earlier, he has heard of it more or less. In fact, every novel he wrote can be regarded as a classic. Today, I will briefly tell you about it. Talk about the novel A Will Eternal.

Because in the setting, the protagonist's parents died when he was a child, which caused the protagonist to be extremely afraid of death. Anything that is dangerous, if you can avoid it, you will never touch it easily, and if you can stick to it, you will never touch it. Will take risks easily, any method that can prolong the life of the protagonist, as long as the protagonist knows, will burst out with great perseverance to fight for it.

What makes me think that the protagonist uses the word "gou" to the limit is actually the opening chapter of the novel, because the protagonist's ancestor forged a relationship with an immortal and got a fragrance. The immortal once promised to the protagonist's ancestor, As long as the incense medicine is lit, the descendants can be accepted by the immortals as disciples to cultivate in the Immortal Mountain. However, the strange thing is that the protagonist is both afraid of death and wants to seek immortality. The incense stick is lit twelve times in three years, but every time because of this After the root incense is lit, it will cause lightning and thunder. The protagonist is worried that he will hit himself, and each time the incense that has been lit will be quickly extinguished. Facing the protagonist's move, he finally found it on the thirteenth time. The protagonist asked him his biggest question in the past three years: "I ask you, why did you light an incense for three years!"


"My Senior Brother is Too Steady"

Author: Get to the Point

There are some protagonists Gou Gui Gou, but you can't tell just by looking at a name, but for some protagonists from the inside out, from the part to the whole, the word "gou" is simply engraved on the forehead, a Li Changshouzhi The name can be said to be the abbreviation of the protagonist's pursuit of longevity.

Just because the protagonist accidentally exposed some secrets in front of his new junior sister, the first thought turned out to be murder and silence, but fortunately, there is still this kind of love, the protagonist made the second choice, let The younger sister made a thousand-word Dao oath, requesting the younger sister to never reveal any information.


"A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality"

Author: Wang Yu

The protagonist, Han Li, was originally a mud-legged boy in a mountain village. However, because of chance, he entered the path of immortality. In this cruel world of immortality, the protagonist's aptitude is mediocre and his appearance is ordinary. However, with the aptitude of the four false spiritual roots, in the end , the protagonist has reached a height that is unmatched by most of the arrogances. In addition to the great help the protagonist has brought to the protagonist, in my opinion, being alive is the most fundamental reason why the protagonist can finally reach this height. At the same time, it is precisely because of this that the name of the protagonist "Han Paopao" is really not covered.

So what other similar novels do you know? Welcome to Panda Novel and leave a message for me to discuss.