One of the most innocent characters in the novel, who obviously did nothing wrong, but everyone wants to kill him!

In fantasy or Xianxia novels, human life is the most worthless thing. Maybe you didn't do anything wrong, but the disaster fell from the sky and you were killed. In many cases, when the male protagonist takes revenge on the enemy, he will also Destroy his entire family! Just like the Teng family members in "Renegade Immortal", they were not at fault, even Wang Lin said they were innocent, but they still killed all the members of the Teng family, men, women and children! Because Teng Huayuan killed more than 300 members of the Wang family, so no matter if they were wrong or not, they had to die, just because their surname was Teng...

Similar to this kind of novel, there are many more. If the male protagonist disagrees, he will kill all the people in the enemy's family, so as not to leave a curse and cause unnecessary trouble for himself! The most important thing is that the male protagonist's way of doing things is taken for granted in the eyes of readers. Because this is different from the real world, this is the world of cultivation, there is not so much warmth, if you are not cruel, you may be killed by others tomorrow, so in this big environment, the male protagonist has to become scheming and ruthless, so No matter whether you are innocent or not, you can't escape death, just because of you, you have become a stumbling block on the way of the protagonist's growth!

But in fact, there are still many such innocent characters, and the most representative of them should be the Dao of Heaven. He can be said to be the most innocent character in all novels. He has always performed his duties and maintained the order of heaven and earth. When the order between heaven and earth is unbalanced, Tiandao will eliminate a group of monks and bring heaven and earth back to balance! It can be said that he did nothing wrong, but in the end he became a being that everyone shouted at, and everyone wanted to kill it! So why does this happen?


In fact, it starts from Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching". In Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching", there is such a sentence, which is called "Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are regarded as dogs." Its original meaning is that heaven and earth treat all things fairly, without mercy and favoritism, all living beings are equal!

Only later, in the online novel, it turned it into another meaning, and the way of heaven became synonymous with the villain. It is indifferent and cruel. Men, over time, in all fantasy novels, Tiandao almost represents the image of the villain, and the male protagonist's duty is to destroy Tiandao and re-establish a new order of heaven and earth, so wave after wave of fantasy novels that resist Tiandao. !

The most representative of them is Chen Dong's "The Tomb of the Gods", which has been laid out for ten thousand years. Later, "The Tomb of God" became popular, so there were more and more fantasy novels that resisted the way of heaven. It's just that after "The Tomb of God", the protagonists in other novels rebelled against the way of heaven, not for the sake of all living beings, but for the sake of all living beings. It is for himself, because the Dao of Heaven is immortal, he is not invincible, so the protagonist must destroy the Dao of Heaven and stand on the top of the world! This is just like in Western fantasy novels, why the God of Light will be the villain when he appears, he blocks the protagonist's footsteps, so he must die!

The further back you go, the weaker the Heavenly Dao is. The protagonist hangs and beats the protagonist, and the protagonist destroys even the scum. The strength is not as good as before. From the previous villain, he has fallen into a soy sauce character!


In fact, if you open the routine of fantasy novels, you will find that no matter whether this person is bad or not, as long as he hinders the growth of the protagonist, he is the villain! Is Hua Yunfei in "Covering the Sky " a badass? From his point of view, he's not wrong, he just doesn't want to be someone else's pawn, so he can't help but resist and oppose the protagonist. He's not bad, but in this book, he's the villain. But if it turns out that Hua Yunfei is the protagonist, then I am afraid that Ye Fan is the villain...

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