"The Sacred Ruins": Chu Feng's future achievements are lower than Shi Hao? He did it unknowingly

If it is said that Chu Feng's future achievements will be great, I believe that different people will have different interpretations, but according to the readers' unified view, it seems that it is difficult for Chu Feng to become a powerhouse comparable to Shi Hao. Obviously, this is a relatively rare guess in Chen Dong's book. You must know that Shi Hao back then was much stronger than Ye Fan in his previous book. This kind of thing doesn't seem to show much in Chu Feng.

Why do you think that Chu Feng is inferior to Shi Hao?

There are many speculations and judgments about Chu Feng being inferior to Shi Hao, and most of them are described around the following aspects.

First of all, the eras in which Chu Feng and Shi Hao lived were very different. The era Shi Hao lived in could be regarded as the darkest era, and it was such an era that a powerhouse like Shi Hao could appear. Their generation can be called the golden generation, and people like the Tianjiao Ant and the Ten Crowned King are all unsurpassed powerhouses.


And Shi Hao is the absolute powerhouse among these powerhouses. There are not many more complicated emotions in Shi Hao. More often, he is constantly impacting some things. Obviously, Shi Hao's realm has been compared. With the rapid development, he eventually became a real Immortal Emperor, which was closely related to the era he was in.

Chu Feng is not like this. Although there are currently gray forces like Soul River in "The Sacred Ruins", these are supported by other people. For example, Ye Fan, who is returning, and Shi Hao, who will definitely return. Chu Feng's pressure was not as great as Shi Hao's, so it didn't seem that difficult. He doesn't have much room for improvement.

Secondly, Shi Hao and Chu Feng have different personalities. Chu Feng prefers to be smug. When he fights with people who are stronger than himself, he will smack at him, and when he fights with people who are weaker than himself, he will smack the mouth. Obviously, this is the characteristic of Chu Feng. More often, Chu Feng's character is more or less loose.

Shi Hao is more or less strict, and at the same time, he is also extremely upward. It is precisely because of Shi Hao's relatively large family and country feelings that Chu Feng and Shi Hao's future achievement estimates are completely different.

Chu Feng has done this and it is amazing

Speaking of which, some of the things that Chu Feng has done are not really unreliable, and more often we are confused by Chu Feng's appearance. To put it simply, what Chu Feng endured at the beginning was really cruel. All his relatives and friends died, leaving only Chu Feng alone. This kind of loneliness and loss is not something that most people can bear.


In fact, it was at that time that Chu Feng's personality changed to a great extent. At this time, he was more or less laughing and scolding, but in fact, there was a slow sadness beneath the smiling face.

Those who are covered by Chu Feng's appearance are the real power of Chu Feng. It was not accidental that Shi Hao became an Immortal Emperor, it was mainly due to his ability to polish himself better in different realms. Back then Shi Hao even polished all the different realms to the extreme.

Chu Feng is actually like this. He is now the strongest King Heng Daoguo in history, and more importantly is King Shuangheng. Just imagine, this is actually similar to what Shi Hao did back then. I believe that in the near future, the era that belongs to Chu Feng will also come, and it is not a dream to be equal to Shi Hao.

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