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Book 1: “Tales of Herding Gods”  Author : Pig Nerd

Introduction: The ancestors of Daxu said, don't go out when it's dark. The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled in Daxu Cunlao Village picked up a baby from the riverside, named Qin Mu, and raised him with hard work. Night fell on this day, darkness enveloped the Great Ruins, Qin Mu walked out of the house... Be a villain rippling in the spring breeze! The blind man said to him. Qin Mu's villainous road is on the rise!

Highlights: The two of them collided with the white legs of the pink skirt and the thick legs of the animal skin shorts. Although Senior Sister Qing's long legs were slender, their strength was astonishing. The legs were cut like a knife and an axe, while Qin Mu's legs were thicker, but It gives people the feeling of being elegant and light, and it doesn't seem to have much power.

Bang bang bang, a series of critical strikes sounded, Senior Sister Qing's legs were kicked in an unknown number of times in an instant, Qin Mu's legs were so fast that she couldn't react! The astonishing strength of her legs was useless. Being kicked by Qin Mu's dazzling series of kicks, her strength disappeared immediately, as if she was "eaten" by the opponent's legs.

"Oops..." Senior Sister Qing's legs were sore and weak, the opponent's legs were kicked in a series, and the rainstorm fell on her waist, chest, throat, and then one big foot kicked her hard. face. Qin Mu's body twirled in mid-air, twisting his body and kicking back. This kick was different from the previous leg technique. Previously, his leg technique was not strong, and he only pursued speed, but the strength of this leg was terrifying. Senior Sister Qing's face was kicked flat, her pretty nose almost turned into a fleshy skin on her face, her chin was shattered, and there seemed to be many foreign objects in her mouth.


The second book: "Douluo Dalu" Author: Tang Jia San Shao

Introduction: Tang San, a disciple of Tangmen's outer sect, was not tolerated by Tangmen for stealing the secret skills of learning from the inner sect. When he jumped off a cliff, he found that he was not dead. Instead, he came to another world with another identity, a world belonging to Wuhun, named Douluo Continent. There is no magic, no fighting spirit, no martial arts, but there is a magical spirit. Everyone here, when they were six years old, would awaken their martial spirits in the Spiritual Hall. Wuhun has animals, plants, and implements, and Wuhun can assist people in their daily lives. And some of these outstanding martial arts can be used for training and fighting. This profession is the most powerful and honorable profession on Douluo Continent—Spirit Master! Awakening, can he recreate the glory of Tang Sect in this world of martial arts? Can he become the master of this world: God?

Highlights: I don't know why, as soon as the child who was still crying was enveloped by the pale golden light, he immediately calmed down and stood there sluggishly. Golden light spots floated out from the black stones on the ground, and then entered the boy's body. The boy's body began to tremble slightly, and he wanted to scream but couldn't. "Stretch out your right hand.

"Su Yuntao's green eyes stared at the boy, commanding majestically. The boy subconsciously stretched out his right hand, and suddenly all the light spots rushed out, and in an instant, a sickle appeared in his palm. It seems that the sickle is not an illusion, but a real existence. Su Yuntao frowned, "It's a weapon spirit. Can a scythe be used as a weapon? Should barely.

The golden light gradually subsided, and the boy looked at the small sickle in his hand in surprise, a little overwhelmed. Su Yuntao said: "Your martial spirit is a sickle, a weapon spirit. Come, let me test if you have soul power. If you have soul power, even a weapon soul can train as a war soul master. After all, the sickle also has a certain attack power.


The third book: "Against the Gods" Author: Mars Gravity

Introduction: Holding the Pearl of Sky Poison, inheriting the blood of the Evil God, cultivating the power of defying the sky, a generation of Evil Gods, ruler of the world!

Highlights: The Northern Territory invaded, the fierce battle started, the northern Territory of the Eastern Territory was in chaos, and blood reflected in the sky. Xia Qingyue came to the Moon Prison, and this was the last time she and Shui Meiyin met. "Sister Qingyue." Shui Meiyin walked towards her, her eyes trembling, she had already sensed something. The Qiankun Thorn and the slate engraved with the World Defying Heavenly Book appeared in Xia Qingyue's hands, and she was gently pushed towards Shui Meiyin.

"From today onwards, you are the new and only owner of the Qiankun Thorn. There is also this incomplete World-Defying Heaven Manual, please give it to him." Shui Meiyin took it gently: "Big Brother Yun Che Are you coming?" Xia Qingyue said: "The northern chaos seems to be huge, but it has lasted for too long. It is obviously attracting attention, and the core strength may have quietly penetrated into the southern region. .

""The profound practitioner of the Northern Territory has completed his transformation under his hands. The profound practitioners of the Eastern Region are still completely unaware that the dark profound energy of the profound practitioners of the Northern Region is no longer ready to overflow at any time as they think. The huge deviation of inherent cognition is enough to cause the Eastern God Territory to be caught by surprise when the Northern Territory forces surprise attack. "This moment should be very close.

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