"Martial Peak" is either the resurrection of the dark giant, or there are other seals

"Martial Peak" has come to an end.

Now at the critical point of the turning point, suddenly two eighth-rank Open Heaven Mo disciples appeared in the rear. This was an unexpected plot, and it appeared abruptly. What was going on?

It is not easy to ink an eighth-rank. In the battlefield of ink, the two clans have been fighting for so many years, and there are few precedents for the eighth-rank to be inked. The power of resistance, not to mention, even if you are accidentally infected by the power of ink, you can put an end to the fate of being inked by giving up your own small universe.

Even on the battlefield where the two clans are at war, there will be no 8-Rank Kaitian being inked by the other party. Now there are two 8-Rank Moth disciples suddenly appearing in the rear. Let us guess, what is the origin of these two people?

First: there may be a change on the side of the dark giant god.

The dark giant god that was suppressed by the dragon and the phoenix, just like the one currently fighting in the airspace battlefield, seems to have died, but in fact, after absorbing the power of darkness, it can be resurrected again.


If the dark giant goddess has a sense of itself after the Mo people can't return to the level, and starts to slowly resurrect, this is a big event. If this big thing participates in the middle of the war, then the 3000 world will inevitably encounter destruction. the blow.

Or maybe after the war, all the people from the ancestral land of Broken Fields came out to join the war, and there were eight-rank Kaitian sneaking in to try to do something, but they met the dark giant god, and then was inked by the dark giant god. took them.

However, the possibility of this conjecture is not too great, because there must be left-behind personnel in the Dragon and Phoenix Ancestral Land, and the eighth-rank of Shattered Sky is not so easy to enter. He can't get out.

The second possibility is that the top ten people left other sealed places in the 3000 world, and there are people from the Mo people.

Just like in the black prison back then, although the king lingered on, he still inked a lot of people.

If there are similar places in the 3000 world, there is no insurance that they will ink other Mo disciples, especially some seventh-rank Kaitian. After being ink-inverted, after a long time, they finally rose to eighth-rank.

And these Motu usually can't see it at all, maybe they exist in some caves, maybe they are hidden in some places like Shattered Heaven.

Now that the war between the two races has spread to the 3000 world, these Mo disciples may have also been summoned and started to come out and destroy them behind their backs.

Yang Kai never forgets, and the thing he is worried about must be the dark giant god.

The next plot is also relatively clear, and there is no need to ask about the matter of breaking into the enemy's interior. Yang Kai found all the little horses, and they didn't know more things, so Yang Kai packed up these Mo disciples. After that, it will rush into Shattered Sky and go straight to the ancestral land of Dragon and Phoenix, and the plot about the dark giant gods will begin.


If this dark giant spirit is resurrected, it is useless to rely on Yang Kai's cultivation base, and now the dragon and phoenix are also fighting on the front line, and no one can escape.

What should Yang Kai do?

At present, there are two ways for him. The first is to find Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. Now that he has been promoted to the eighth-rank Kaitian, he can ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for some more advanced citrine and blue crystal. The giant god has just been resurrected. It is impossible to get rid of the suppression immediately, Yang Kai continued to suppress him with the Dragon Palace, and then used the advanced light of purification to slowly clean up this dark giant god.

After all, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan couldn't leave that broken place, and the whole universe couldn't hold them.

It still depends on Yang Kai's own efforts.

The second way is to find Yang Kai's old brother Ada.

Ah Er is now dealing with the dark giant god who came in from outside Guan, so if Ah Da is found by Yang Kai, it should be no problem to clean up this ancestral giant god.

Of course, there is a third way, that is, Yang Kai found Wu Kuang in the Heaven-devouring Earth, Wu Kuang sensed the thing on Yang Kai's body, awakened the memory of his past life, and jointly suppressed the dark giant spirit with Yang Kai. At the critical moment, if Wu Kuang didn't appear on the stage, his second protagonist would be considered useless.

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