Three humorous fairy tales, interspersed with various jokes in the novel, let you laugh out eight pack abs!

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The first book: "I Might Be A Fake Cultivator" Author: Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground

Introduction: Three humorous fairy tales, interspersed with various jokes in the novel, let you laugh out eight pack abs! Introduction? If it doesn't exist, the books are all fake, and of course the introduction is also fake! Hahahahaha, fakes are all fakes, any cultivators, any novels, are all fake! Don't touch me! I don't want to take medicine, I'm not crazy! There are always book friends who want to hurt me!

Pit guide:

Time passed quickly, and there were only three days left before going down to earth to perform the mission. The list of the first batch of new students to go down to earth has been confirmed, and there are only three places, namely An Lin, Xuanyuancheng and Xu Xiaolan. Xuanyuan's honesty was the strongest among the new freshmen, so he got a spot. Su Qianyun regretted not being selected because she could not master all the languages she had learned. Then, Xu Xiaolan, who was ranked twenty-fifth on the Immortal Ranking, took over from Su Qianyun. After that, it was the native Anlin classmate in the mortal world.

The powerful Anlin who was born and raised on earth, the teachers placed high hopes on him and appointed him as the captain of this mission! In this regard, An Lin was flattered. Brother Cheng has become his team member. The pressure is very high! One day, an unexpected guest knocked on the door of his house. "Sister Liu, why are you here!?" Seeing that the visitor turned out to be Liu Qianhuan, a girl who was addicted to the Internet, an unpleasant feeling arose in Anlin's heart.

Liu Qianhuan had already visited Anlin when he was recovering. I came here this time, definitely not because I missed him, there must be some fraud! "Hey, An Lin, do you miss me?" Liu Qianhuan said with a dreamy look in her purple eyes. "Cough...Sister Liu, in fact, if you have something to say, just say it." An Lin couldn't stand Liu Qianhuan's way of speaking, and said directly.


The second book: "My Senior Brother is Too Steady" Author: Get to the Point

Introduction: Reborn in the ancient times before the Conferred God War, Li Changshou became a small qi cultivator. He had no luck, nor was he destined to be the child of a catastrophe. He only had a dream of immortality and immortality. . In order to live in the cruel prehistoric wilderness, he tried hard not to stick to cause and effect, and murder would be ashes.

Pit guide:

Every time you come to a new environment, if you want to stay for a longer period of time, it is actually a good habit to check the "safety exit". Like the Baifan Hall of Duxianmen, in addition to the main hall door that is often walked by people on weekdays, there are two side doors, a back door, and a small directional movement array that is rarely known. land. These, Li Changshou was still a little kid, and he had already figured it out when he followed his master to the Baifan Hall for the second time to receive the monthly payment.

Coming to the site of the Dragon Palace, let’s not say that the Dragon Race is a foreign race, and it has a conflict of interest with Zhongxianmen on the East China Sea site, and this place is already on a large formation, so I don’t know if there is any killing in this Water Lotus Terrace. Array... so... the first thing to do! Shouldn't it be about finding an escape route in the event of a crisis? The uncles and uncles haven't said anything yet. There are a total of eleven disciples including him, and six of them picked up the fruit in front of them and started eating? !

What are your daily rules? All of them are immortal seedlings. Did Duxianmen owe you in the past or did they owe you? Or was he headed down by the 'uncomfortable if you don't eat grapes'? Cough, I'm going... The grapes in front of several uncles and uncles also have empty twigs... 'Forget it, it has nothing to do with brother. ' Li Changshou sat upright, as if nothing had happened, closed his eyes and concentrated, and had temporarily given up on this group of fellow students.


The third book: "My Disciple Died Yet Again" Author: You Qian

Brief introduction: Venerable Yuyan, known as the first person in the world of immortality, waited for 16,000 years, and finally received an apprentice, carefully taught and cared for him. Watching her gradually comprehend, gradually become stronger, and when she was about to soar into the sky...she died! So he accepted another apprentice, taught him carefully, took care of him, and then.

Pit guide:

With the guidance of a famous teacher, Xiaoyi Xiuwei seems to have opened a plug-in and grows up. Although there are people who do not know whether to live or die, they come to trouble him, but they are also crushed by his strength, and they also gain inadvertently. It has won the hearts of many girls. In the later stage, he even passed five levels and cut six generals, fighting evil, killing demons, and breaking into secret realms.

It seemed that it was a near-death experience every time, but every time it was saved, it was not that he suddenly inspired some special ability, and then roared, on behalf of the moon to destroy the villain. It was so-and-so who knew the confidante who fell in love with him and extended a helping hand in time. And he got more opportunities because of these experiences.

In the end, he unexpectedly got together, Jinmu, Water, Fire, Earth, Kaizhiling with five attributes, and then summoned the Shenlong! Oh no, it's a successful ascension! In one fell swoop, he even defeated those geniuses with mutant spiritual roots, including Lei Linggen, and became the first person in the Xiu Xian world to ascend within two thousand years. Those who practiced after that could only look up at his buttocks.

When Zhu Yao saw the later stage, he couldn't help but complain about his dream. In the dream, this Xiaoyi was quite inspirational in front of him. He improved his cultivation and reached the peak. In the later stage, his taste changed completely. . As long as all the girls who have contact with him will finally bow down under his robe.

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