"Shan Hai Jing" Ancient Chinese Myth Story "Nu Wa Patches the Sky"

Legend has it that a long time ago, there was no sky, no land, no mountains and lakes, no flowers and trees, no birds and beasts, let alone human beings.

After Pangu opened up the world, there were all creatures. I don't know in which year, the western sky suddenly collapsed. The water in the Tianhe rushed down the world from the gap, drowning countless people and animals, and the world suddenly became a country of Zee.

At that time, there was a girl named Nu Wa who lived in a cliff cave. She witnessed the people drifting away, moved her heart to hide, and vowed to fill the gap in the sky.She left the cliff where she lived, climbed countless mountains, crossed many rivers, and looked everywhere for a way to fill the sky, but to no avail

She was very tired, sat down to rest, fell asleep without knowing it, and had a very strange dream.In the dream, a god told her that the top of Kunlun Mountain was piled with many five-color gems. After the gems were refined with fire, they could be taken. To mend the sky

After Nuwa woke up, she went straight to Kunlun Mountain. Kunlun Mountain is steep and steep, and there are countless beasts such as ligers and tigers, and most people can't climb the mountain, but she wholeheartedly wanted to find the gems that fill the sky as soon as possible to eliminate disasters. The roads are rugged and sinister.

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The canine-toothed rocks, not only there is no way up the mountain, but the top of the mountain is higher and cannot be climbed. However, she is not afraid of dangers. Suddenly a tiger appeared in the middle, and opened his teeth and claws at her

Just about to evade, the tiger grabbed her first, opened the blood basin and bit her head. She calmly said: "Tiger, don't be impatient, I can give you this head, but you have to wait for me to go. Find gems on the top of the mountain, fill up the gap in the sky, will you come to eat again

The tiger seemed to know what she wanted, so he let her go, and Nuwa went up again, the mountains became more and more dense, and the fog became thicker and he was too tired to walk. She stumbled, crawled and rolled, and kept walking. Suddenly, a strong wind blew. A golden lion jumped out of the forest and bit Nuwa's hair. The tiger came up from behind and said to the lion, "I'll catch it first. When I arrived, she said she would let me eat it after she made up the diva, so you dare to be the first. "The lion listened and put down Nuwa." Fighting with the tiger, the lion lost and was driven away by the tiger, but the tiger was afraid that Nuwa would let the lion snatch it again, so he followed the female pot until she reached the top of the mountain.

Nuwa finally found five-color gems on the top of the mountain. She picked up a lot of them, piled them on the top of the mountain, set up a big fire, and refined them for eighty-one days, smelting the gems into molten slurry. Seeing the molten smelt made, Nuwa was very happy, holding the molten slurry with both hands again and again to repair the sky, until the gap in the sky dripping water, she breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the people on the ground saw that the Tianhe water was no longer leaking, they reorganized their homes one after another, and lived a happy life again.

Knowing that she was done, Nuwa fulfilled her wish, so she fulfilled her promise and said to the tiger with joy: You can eat me now!

After speaking, she stretched her neck and waited for the tiger to eat. It's strange to say that the tiger didn't come to eat. Instead, he said kindly: How can I eat a girl like you who benefits the people and sacrifices her own life. Besides, you make up the sky intact, and I am happy to watch it. It’s just that you still have surplus lava, so make up more, isn’t it stronger?

After listening, Nuwa felt that Tiger's words made sense, so she held up all the remaining molten slurry and raised her hands.

Prepare to fill the gap. Seeing that it is about to reach the zenith, a gust of wind from the South China Sea suddenly blows

The tree fell to the mountain and the molten slurry in Nuwa's hand was blown off.

Nuwa was anxious and started crying. Seeing her like this, the tiger said to her: Girl don't cry, hurry up and ride on my back, let's chase the molten slurry back.

Nuwa really stopped her tears and immediately rode on the tiger's back. The tiger flew off the cliff, stepped on the colorful clouds, towards the light

The dazzling lava chased it.

The tiger carried Nuwa on his back and flew over the three mountains and five sacred mountains, and over the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Because the wind was too strong, it never caught up.

The wind gradually subsided, and they quickened their pace, but the colorful molten slurry slowly fell to the vast ground.

Going down, they can only chase down and chase down to the sky above Dongting Lake. They are about to catch up, the tiger temporarily

Happy, yelling a few times, slowing down, just at the moment of this flash, Nu Wa too late to pick up the molten slurry

Seeing the molten lava flow straight down to Dongting Lake

As soon as the molten slurry fell into the lake, the time was colorful, and the sun was shining, and the lake was bright and bright, and soon smoke

The slurry becomes seventy-two peaks of different shapes, half-sinking and half-floating in the water, the Dongting tide like a white jade plate

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Although Nuwa regretted, she felt that the molten lava had fallen into the world. It's also a good thing, she fell down and stood still

On the frozen mountain peak, the emerald lava stepped on her feet, leaving a pair of deep footprints, she took a few more steps

The original soft mountain condensed and became a small island

I don’t know how long Ehuang and Nvying came here after Emperor Jun Shun, knowing Shun’s consumption, crying to death.

On the mountain, later generations called this mountain "Junshan"

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