(Shan Hai Jing) Ancient Chinese myths and stories (Hou Yi shoots the sun)


Ten suns appeared in the sky. Their mother is the wife of Dongfang Tiandi.

She often bathed her ten children in the East China Sea, the easternmost part of the world. After the bath, they perched on a big tree like little birds, because the center of each sun is a bird. Nine suns resting on the branches.

At dawn, the sun perched on the treetops crossed the sky in a two-wheeled vehicle. The ten suns change every day, passing through the sky in turn, bringing light and heat to all things on the earth.

People and animals live together. Animals put their offspring in their nests without worrying that people will harm them. Farmers pile grains in the fields and don't have to worry about animals taking them away.

People work and rest on time, ploughing at sunrise and resting at sunset, life is happily. Humans and animals meet each other with sincerity and respect each other. That

At that time, people are grateful that the sun has brought them time, light and joy.

But, one day, the ten suns thought that if they traveled through space together, it would be fun. Therefore, when dawn came, ten suns climbed into the car together. This time, people and everything on the earth suffered. The ten suns were like ten fireballs. The heat released by them scorched the earth.

The forest is on fire, burning many animals to death. Those animals that did not burn to death in the fire ran through the crowd, looking for food frantically.

This time, the earth is like hell. All the fishes died, and the monsters in the water crawled ashore to steal food. Many people and animals died of thirst. The crops and orchards withered, some people went out for food, were burned alive by the heat of the sun, and others became food for wild animals.

People are struggling to survive in the fire.

At this time, there was a young man, Hou Yi. He was a magical archer with great arrow skills. Seeing that people are living in suffering, he is determined to help people out of the sea of suffering and shoot away the nine extra suns. Thus, Hou Yi climbed over ninety-nine mountains, over ninety-nine big rivers, crossed over ninety-nine canyons, and came to the East Sea. He ascended a large mountain and at the foot of the mountain was the vast sea. Later, he drew a tens of thousands of jin of crossbow, and set up a thousand jin of heavy arrows, secretly aligning the hot sun in the sky, and shooting an arrow to the first sun.

Was shot down. Later, he drew the crossbow, shot up the sharp arrow, and shot it away. two suns were shot down. Now, there are seven suns in the sky

It was still hot, Hou Yi shot down four more suns. The rest of the sun trembled with fright, spinning round and round. In this way, Hou Yi shot his arrows toward the sun branch by branch, shooting down nine suns. The nine suns that were hit by the arrow could not survive, and died one by one. Their feathers fell on the ground one after another, their light and heat disappeared one by one. The earth grew darker and darker until at last there was only one sun's light left.

However, the remaining sun was terrified, shaking in the sky, panicking, and soon hid in the sea.

Without the sun, the sky immediately turned into darkness.  They asked the emperor of heaven to call the tenth sun out to allow all human beings to multiply.

End of story

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