The most popular novels in 2021, how many have you read?

Dragon Prince Yuan

Author Heavenly Silkworm Potato


book reviewThe theme and inspiration of this work comes from the traditional culture of ancient China: Zhou Yuan, who was supposed to be a monarch of a dynasty, enjoyed the prosperity and wealth, but suffered a conspiracy and was deprived of the luck of the holy dragon, so that the dynasty of the country could only linger. , As the lord of a country, he embarked on this road to Nirvana and rebirth and began to constantly experience himself...

In the author's opinion, this work is quite good overall. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed by the author: for example, the protagonist Zhou Yuan was born deprived of the luck of the holy dragon, with a rough fate and a miserable life experience. However, he did not become depressed, discouraged, and compromised to fate. Instead, he made constant efforts to change step by step, full of love and respect for the country and his subjects, and with a sense of responsibility for the people of the world. For our own destiny, shouldn't we learn this spirit of perseverance and self-improvement?


Martial Peak



book reviewI like it very much. Although I can’t jump and upgrade to fight monsters, the author still writes very well. The first chapter shows the protagonist’s aptitude, personality, sect, etc. The most important thing is the protagonist’s tenacity. The spirit of perseverance, unlike other books, is a waste of firewood. Suddenly you will be invincible if you have an adventure. There is no other flash point. If there is no adventure, it will be a waste. But the protagonist of martial arts is not. It's not a waste. A person will achieve something if he persists to the end.

God Emperor

AuthorFlying Fish


book reviewI pay more attention to the direction of the plot and the portrayal of the characters. Many of the characters in the book are still very full, and the author's writing is very delicate. I personally like the section after Zhang Ruochen's return from the beginning of his cultivation to the first-grade holy intent, especially the chapter on Shushan Beiya to see Nalan Danqing. The writing is very good, very touching, like prose.


I have also experienced a relationship myself, and I have some resonance with some of the plots in the book. In this door last year, the faces of human faces were red. I don't know where to go, but Taohua still smiles at the spring breeze. This is when Zhang Ruochen returned to Kunlun from the Heavenly Court in the early stage, passing through Qianshui County, and remembering the verses quoted by Huang Yanchen. Haha personally think it is very appropriate and can resonate with people.

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