In those years, the novels that I had to read when I stayed up all night

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AuthorLegend of the Paladin



book reviewNone of the best novels I have read in the past 5 years. The language is humorous and the style is innovative. I feel that the author has a special mind to let himself go. The character setting is quite interesting. After reading this novel, I have to laugh for a long time every day.


Against the Gods

AuthorMars Gravity


book reviewA very good novel. After reading this book, most novels of the same type do not need to be read. The protagonist is almost always strong in his life to protect the people around him from being bullied and get together in a happy and comfortable reunion. I have spent my whole life with hatred, for the sake of love, friendship, family affection, protection, responsibility, and commitment. There are many wonderful and touching plots in the whole novel. In the face of many enemies, we must protect the little fairy. Responsible, facing the guardian family a few generations older than himself, and the calmness of the Confucians who talked to each other and Duke Huai, and so on. The full text of the story is compact, the plot is rich, and the protagonist’s love and meaning are the most brilliant fantasy novels in my eyes.

Versatile Mage



book reviewI took a brief look at this book and found that it was actually quite good. First of all, the author gives readers a lot of possibilities in the way the protagonist is upgraded. Readers will especially want to know how the increase in the protagonist’s strength is achieved, and whether it is consistent with what they think. For a long time, I will forget that I’m an ordinary person, I’ll be immersed in the world of a full-time mage, and it’s hard to get out.

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