The best Chinese martial arts novels in 2021

Zhu Xian

AuthorXiao Ding



book reviewThis novel is quite well written. The "classic among the classics" has rich imagination, magnificent scenes, refined words, and mature. It is a pretty good novel in the contemporary era. It is deeply felt that we meet each other late. This novel only talks about an ordinary teenager. Growth process, but what we see from it is our own shadow

Battle Through the Heavens

AuthorHeavenly Silkworm Potato



book reviewBattle Through the HeavensAs an online novel, its content and form incorporate the essence of Western magical literature, traditional Chinese novels of gods and goblins, and martial arts novels. It is a youthful inspirational work in the form of fantasy literature, which is very readable. It tells the inspirational story of a juvenile waste material through hard work to become a genius. From beginning to end, it runs through the main line of young people to change their destiny with extraordinary struggle, and the overall style is high and upward.

Douluo Dalu

AuthorTang Jia San Shao


book reviewNo one in China does not know this novel. One can imagine the popularity and praise of this novel.Douluo DaluThis novel can be regarded as an interesting work. It is highly innovative in the setting of some details. Both the plot and the description of the characters are top-notch existences.

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