What Light Novel Should I Read and How Can I Read Light Novels Online?

With lockdowns and many people staying at home or working from home, many people have found time for new hobbies or rediscovering hobbies that they used to love. For quite a few people, this has to lead them to read more - not just online articles and magazines, but whole novels. Even the increase in homeschooling has contributed to the rising trend in reading, as people read to their children more and rediscover their own passion for literature.


However, with the last year's events, there has been one undeniable trend in publishing and reading, we are loving light novels! Not only is there a huge variety of genres, but there are also links to manga and anime in some novels, meaning you can explore your favorite shows even further. Light novel has been gaining in popularity because of its variety; it is also because it combined different media and its shorter, more easily consumable length. But with all the choices, what light novel should you choose to read?


What is Light Novel and What Light Novel Should I Read?

Light novels are generally shorter than the average novel, and they have manga-style illustrations too, which many regular novels do not have. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and you may find some light novels that are very long or have no illustrations at all. Recently, many manga, anime, and live-action films have chosen to adopt the stories of light novels, making them even more popular.

Light novels can fall into a wide variety of genres from comedy/romance to action and adventure, to drama, to science fiction - there is a light novel out there for everyone! Light novels really bridge the gap between print and visual media, and while the market for them is strongest in Asia, there is a growing audience worldwide.

As there are many genres of light novels, you may be wondering what light novel you should read, but it depends upon what you enjoy the most. Lots of light novels have "different world" stories, where you can really escape reality and delve into the book. If you prefer something closer to reality, you could choose a "slice-of-life" style novel with more realistic themes and settings. There are also light novels that add side-stories based upon manga and anime series that already exist or novels based on virtual worlds, appealing to gamers and fantasy fans alike. There are many light novels that combine multiple of these genres too, so it may be a great way to begin branching out into different genres that you previously wouldn't have tried.


How to Read Light Novel?

So, where can you read light novels? There are, of course, the traditional options of going to a bookstore or a library to purchase or borrow a light novel, but you can also read light novels, often for free, light novels online. On sites such as Panda Novel, you can access a huge variety of light novels for free, translated into English. There is a wide variety of genres, and each novel is categorized into a genre, so you can easily decide which light novel to pick. You can also choose which country you would like the light novel to be sourced from. Not only that, but there is the option to review the light novels, so if you are a novice at reading them, you can check the reviews and see what other readers think and leave your own opinion to help others.


Wrapping Up

Panda Novel is the easy way to access light novels in your area for free, translated, and online. With the huge variety of literature, categorized for your convenience by genre, gender, and country, it couldn't be easier to read light novels. So, that is a brief explanation of light novels for you, as well as an easy, accessible, and free way to read light novels online!