What are the benefits of reading novels! Are you sure not to come in and take a look?

The advantages of reading novels:

1. Increase literary awareness

Reading novels can give full play to people's logical thinking ability, analytical ability and reaction ability, and improve literary literacy. I can also discover some of the author's writing techniques, so as to improve my writing ability.

2. Increase reading ability

People who often read novels can basically make ten lines at a glance. This greatly improves the reading ability in future reading.

3. Relieve fatigue

Reading novels appropriately can relieve fatigue and relieve the body and mind.


4. Reflect on yourself

In real life, in the face of pressure, hectic, and fast pace of life, I rarely certify and reflect on myself. And novels can better help us. In the world of novels, we can better position ourselves and reflect on ourselves.

5. Reading a book can also baptize and sublimate the reader's soul. Whenever we read a good book, the reader is like entering the author's soul, having a spiritual exchange with the author, making our hearts stronger.

There are currently the hottest novel genres, which one do you prefer?




Eastern Fantasy



Martial Arts

Modern Life

School Life



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