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Science fiction is short for "Science Fiction" and is one of the novel categories. In the form of fantasy, it expresses the material, spiritual and cultural life of human beings in the future world and the vision of science and technology, and its content is intertwined with scientific facts, foresight, and imagination.

Usually "science", "fantasy" and "fiction" are regarded as the three elements. Its particularity is that it has a direct connection with the development of science and technology, but it is also a kind of literary creation and does not undertake to spread scientific knowledge. Task.

Science fiction is a literary style produced with the vigorous development of modern science and technology. Its plot cannot happen in the world known to people, but it is based on a certain assumption about the origin of mankind or the universe, and a certain fictitious new discovery in the field of science and technology (including the hypothetical science and technology field).

Panda Novels: The Top 5 Men's Favorite Science Fiction Novels

1Birth of the Demonic Sword   Authoreoc(Eveofchaos)


2Super Gene   AuthorTwelve-Winged Dark Seraphim


3My Vampire System   AuthorJKSManga


4Overgeared   AuthorPark Saenal


5The Legend of the Dragon King  AuthorTang Jia San Shao


Concluding remarksI can’t use words to explain the excitement of these science fiction novels. It may make you stay up late and read more. This is the magic of novels.