The charm of Chinese novels

Nowadays, many young people love to read novels. Some people read them when they are bored, but some people read novels every day and night. Even postpone or postpone something that may be more important. This situation is very incomprehensible in the eyes of those who do not read novels, and they are even misunderstood as a depraved and addictive manifestation. So let's explore why novels have such a terrible attraction to people.


1. Now the classification of online reading novel platforms is very clear. Most women like romance, while men are like immortal martial arts. The role of online reading is to bring you into the world of novels and make it easier for you to read novels.

2. The novel has rich imagination. Most of the novels are things that people yearn for or don't have. For example, most of the romance essays of girls are the sweet love that girls yearn for, because not every girl can have this kind of love, and there are a lot of cool essays in the martial arts essays of boys, which can make boys feel that. This kind of pleasure that dominates the world and makes boys fall into it, and these are not felt by a large number of people in real life. Someone once said that novels are another kind of life, so everyone wants to feel the life they yearn for.

3. The novel has a rich emotional tone. The writers of the novels are generally very good in writing, so they will use a lot of rhetoric, language, etc. to enrich the feelings of an article, making the sense of substitution very strong, giving readers an immersive feeling, as if they are right there. The thousands of flowers are in charge of love and hatred at will, making people unable to extricate themselves.

4. The story is very implicated. As we all know, novels usually have extremely rich chapters. This is because each story will not really disappear after the completion of the writing. It will usually bring one or two or more stories, or lay the groundwork in a certain place, and wait until necessary. When you use it, you can't finish the novel at all. At the end of each chapter, you will always expect something, which makes people chase the novel crazily.

So that's the attraction of the novel as I understand it to people. Welcome everyone to come to the station for supplements and exchanges.

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