Why do many people like to read novels, come in and let me tell you

Every time you ride in a car or in densely populated places, you will find such people, not only young people, but many middle-aged people will also read novels!

After thinking about it, there are roughly the following reasons;


1. There are many media, and a large number of self-media people will always publish such novels.

2. The body and mind are under a lot of pressure. I can vent myself by reading novels, and sometimes I think of myself as the protagonist of the story.

3. Inner dissatisfaction may come from work or life. There is a sense of pleasure when I see the protagonist of the novel abuse the villain.

4. Internet novels are originally a kind of fast food culture, fast food is characterized by convenience and deliciousness, and novels are the same.

5. The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu. Most of the online novels have made enough gold and enough beautiful coquettish Yan Ruyu!

6. People who escape reality are honored to indulge in novels. As for the reality, the host himself has not encountered it before.

7. People who are very fragile and busy with low self-esteem will also use novels as their own psychological placebo!

8. People who like to dream, people who can't distinguish the real world from the illusory world.

9. People who have been hurt by feelings will also comfort themselves through such thoughts!

10. The "special physique" who like to read novels by nature cannot be excluded!

11. Once a winner, now a loser, a person who can’t accept reality, so choose this to continue to maintain his former glory

I don’t know if you’ve said so much, did you say it in your heart, because human life is limited, it is difficult to experience so many stories, and novels are a kind of care for the brain, provide materials, and give people the incredible pleasure of the world. , So people will love novels and pursue some expected visions in novels. This is the charm of the existence of novels.

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