Several impeccable classic fairy-xia novels recommended

Find a few fine books that you were obsessed with at the time, for book lovers to refer to. I have read or are reading novels. They are all novels that I like very much. Some are finished, some are still being updated. You can take a look. I hope you can wait patiently for the author's follow-up, wait for the end of the novel, and support the author. idea.

1Dominating Sword Immortal

AuthorJian You Tai Xu


Reason for recommendation:Dominating Sword ImmortalI personally think this book is the best fantasy masterpiece about kendo. It is passionate and not pretentious, low-key luxury and connotation. It is definitely the classic web article on Kendo subject that Dao friends are worth reading.

2:Martial World

AuthorCocooned Cow


Reason for recommendation:Martial WorldIt is a book with countless glories, the beginning is plain and unremarkable, and the more exciting it goes! The fighting plot in this book is very good, the description of the actions, and every move of the protagonist Lin Ming can shock people. I didn't read some of the storylines carefully. Maybe it was because the content was a bit similar to other fantasy novel styles, so I didn't have the mind to look down. But there is also a part that is refreshing for me. The author also has a lot of foreshadowing, and he will not dig a hole without filling it. Every time I fill a pit, I remember the previous foreshadowing, and I feel surging.

3:Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

AuthorThe Enlightened Master Crouching Cow


Reason for recommendation:The cultivation of immortality in the new era perfectly combines technology and cultivation, and what is more impressive is that it has been substituted for thinking about life. Cultivation is not only for oneself, but to protect the common people. It's a wonderful piece of Xiuxian cool text that you can't put it down, the more you read it!

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