Three different Shuangwen novels, all classics

Hello, everyone, I am a panda novel, pay attention to me not to be a shortage of books, panda novels will show you all the online books. This time I bring you three different Shuangwen novels

"The Charm" Author: Chaos


Highlight clip: Suddenly, a weak soul pet appeared in Chu Mu's field of vision. According to Chu Mu's estimation, it might be a first-order appearance. This little guy has beautiful brown-red hair, a fox-like tail, and a petite body. The little fox was obviously attracted by the food Chu Mu put in the trap. Appearing to be injured, he carefully picked up the food on the trap.

"Coiling Dragon" Author:I Eat Tomatoes


Highlights: Lin Lei knows that this road is very good and difficult. The first hurdle of this road is whether you have the ‘talent’ to become a magician! After all, it was just a hopeless one, without even the talent, it is impossible to become a magician.

"Release That Witch" Author: Er Mu


Highlights: What does he want to do? There are a lot more! "No—" She didn't have time to warn, a dazzling blue light burst out of the magic iron hand, like a lightning that pierced the sky, twisting and hitting the three sisters. The blue light jumped between the three, making a crackling sound. White smoke enveloped them, they twitched and fell to the ground, their robes burned. This blow seemed to consume the powerful strength of the enemy. He let out a heavy breathing and stopped.