The three most disguised male protagonists in the novel are harmless on the surface, but in fact they kill people like hemp!

  1. "Extremely Cold" ~ Liu Yusheng  


"Extreme Corpse Chill", Quan Yu’s supernatural novel, this is a dark theme, the most exciting in the book, there is nothing more than the turning plot and deep strategy, many times before the last moment, you will not Know what the protagonist thinks!

The male protagonist is named Liu Yusheng, cold-blooded, and even has no feelings. For immortality, he can sacrifice anything and give up anything! In order to defeat Shengxian, he personally killed his father. When his girlfriend was treated as a hostage, he killed his girlfriend without mercy!


At that time, he didn't even care about the child in the hostess's belly, just as the author of this book said, the more heavier the drama, the worse he will die in the end!

Liu Yusheng himself is good at disguising, he likes to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. Every time he pretends to be a little white rabbit without any thoughts, he is actually a big bad wolf!

2.Death Scripture》~GU shenwei


Death ScriptureIt is a rare martial arts novel. It does not have the magnificence of "Snowy Swordsman" or "Snowy Swordsman". It can present a glorious arena! But "The Dead Man" is more pure and darker than "In the Snow". What he pays attention to is conspiracy and calculation, how to survive in the enemy's family!

The male protagonist Gu Shenwei has a very deep mind. You can see him calculating everything in almost every chapter. With such deep strategy and wisdom, it is really difficult to find another one after reading all the fantasy and fairy-xia novels. !


In fact, Gu Shenwei calculated it because he had been living in the eyes of his enemies. Jinpengbao had ruined his family. He must kill the people in Jinpengbao and avenge his father. But his martial arts were not good enough, so he chose to dormant. He is going to be a killer in Jinpeng Fort, and then kill the people in Jinpeng Fort! When he chose to take revenge, he had already put his life and death aside. In his eyes, many people's lives were humble, so when he started, he was unambiguous! But he had to pretend to be a simple servant, so he calculated one by one, and began to plan continuously in his heart...

3.Reverend Insanity》~Gu Yue Fang Yuan


Reverend InsanityIt is a real dark fairy tale novel with five stars in darkness. After reading this novel, you will realize how difficult it is to survive in the fairy tale world. If you are not careful, you may die without a burial place! Maybe I can live to the end in other novels, maybe even kill the protagonist! However, in this book, I guess I will not survive three chapters, because the calculations in the book are too deep, and the male protagonist still kills people like hemp, and regards human life like weeds!


Gu Yue Fang Yuan is a demon, he is also on the road of magic repair, so he is unscrupulous, and kills whoever wants to kill! If Gu Yue Fang Yuan was just such a person, then he would definitely not live long. In addition to being cruel, Gu Yue Fang Yuan was also very good at disguising, and could disguise himself as a simple laborer, an inexperienced mountain kid! He can't be overjoyed, he may be smiling at this moment, and maybe you will become his ghost in the next moment!