Recommend three classic martial arts novels to everyone


1Peerless Martial God

AuthorJing Wu Hen


Reader Evaluation

1This is literally a so good and I thought that it will be boring but when I start reading it I'm amazed they the flow of the story is not that bad


2Really liked the novel, the ending was a bit empty, felt a bit depressed after finishing the novel, since this was the first novel that i read, but great nonetheless.


3Character development, good plot, an interesting system, and a good quality of humor is in this novel. Give it a try and see how well it is.













2Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

AuthorHis Majesty the King



Reader Evaluation

1Excellent novel, recommended 100%, a comedy with incredible action, very well narrated, you will not stop laughing. Read it you will not regret


2This novel is one of the best I have read in terms of the plot of the story and the characters, and it is also somewhat realistic and not overly dramatic, I loved it very much, thanks to the translator for his hard work 


3I love this novel very interesting...!! I'm more shocked now...











3Legend of Ling Tian

AuthorFeng Ling Tian Xia



Reader Evaluation

1the very first story i read and i love it .cant stop reading .i cant wait for the next chapter... made my imagination wild ..highly recommend.. thank u to the author,


2This story is really good! I like how simple yet interesting the story line is. Not on the heavy and complicated side. The character development is also smooth. Thumbs up!


3:It's short, concise and great flow of the story ! I greatly appreciate clichés like this, not too many roundabouts. Hoping more novels from the author, fighting !





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