The difference between literature and fiction

First, the difference between the whole and the local.

1. Literature, as one of the categories of humanities, is connected with philosophy, religion, law and politics.

2. Fiction: A literary genre that reflects real life through specific descriptions of characters, plots, and environments. Is a branch of the discipline of literature, fiction and poetry, prose, drama, known as the "four literary genres".


Two, the difference between the constituent elements.

1, literature, the product of consciousness, the reflection of life, literature is objective things in people's minds, people reorganize and weave things expressed in words.

All the books and documents written with characters in ancient and modern times have been collectively referred to as literature. Modern refers to the use of language to create images to reflect social life, expressing thoughts and feelings of art, so it is also a kind of language art.

The novel consists of three elements: vivid character image, complete plot and specific environment description.

Three, the difference of expression connotation.

1. Literature, belonging to the category of social ideology, is a discipline that uses language to express social life and psychological activities.

Literary works are works by which writers express their unique spiritual world with unique language and art. There is no real literary works without these two unique characteristics. An outstanding writer is the hero of a nation's spiritual world. Literature represents the art and wisdom of a nation.

2, novels, mainly through the storyline to show the character, the performance of the center. Stories come from life, but they are more concentrated, more complete, and more representative of what happens in real life when they are organized, refined, and arranged.

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