Are there any benefits to reading novels?

There are advantages and disadvantages to reading novels, but there are many advantages because reading novels can be widely used in language expression, just to pass the time. Good books can make people progress, while some online books can easily make people more hostile. There are some downsides to reading novels though. But the benefits are also indelible. You can improve your writing ability, and some of the paragraphs that describe characters can also be applied in writing.

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1. Increase Literary Awareness

Reading novels can give full play to people's logical thinking ability, analytical ability and reaction ability, and improve literary quality. You can also discover some of the author's writing techniques from it, thereby improving your writing ability.

2. Increase reading ability

People who often read novels can basically do ten lines at a glance. This greatly improves reading ability in future reading.

3. Relieve Fatigue Reading novels properly can relieve fatigue and relieve your mind and body!

4. Reflect on yourself

In real life, in the face of pressure, busyness, and fast pace of life, it is rare to certify and reflect on yourself. And novels can help us better. In the world of novels, we can better position ourselves and reflect on ourselves.

5. Reading a book can also baptize and sublime the reader's soul. Whenever we read a good book, the reader is like entering the author's soul and has a spiritual exchange with the author, which makes our hearts stronger.

So we still read novels in our spare time instead of always looking down at our phones and watching TV

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