All popular web novels have this characteristic, you know?

Many people write novels, and they have been writing for a long time, and the data has not been up. They don’t know why their own novels have been written and no one has read them. Looking at the online novels with good data and popularity, I have summarized the following characteristics.

cool title

The title of a book is the first impression of a person. When readers are looking for a novel, they have to find a book in the vast sea of books and read it. At this time, the name is very important. For example, "Stellar Transformations", "Douluo Dalu", "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality", etc., you can see at a glance what type and what they are talking about, and readers usually click into it. Don't be smart about the title of the book, such as "I'm in another world...", and "...biography" can't afford it if you can't afford it, there are too many such names. The title of the novel is best to be concise without losing domineering.

Introduction is attractive

Popular novels, with great effort in the introduction. Use the most concise text to show the most attractive parts. Don't just say a few words, this is very rushing. For those novels with high clicks, the introduction is also relatively short, two to three hundred words is enough, and no more than five hundred words. If the length is too long, it will be passed directly.


creative content

Those novels with good data do not mean how good the writing is, but how creative the content setting is. Today's web articles have a wide variety of topics, but there seem to be only a few routines. For any novel with good data, the author's imagination is very powerful. Therefore, if you have a wild idea, you need to record it, which is probably the point that attracts readers.

have its own style

All successful novels have their own style. The styles include "writing style" and "novel style". Authors can choose a subject they are good at, and write novels in this field to form their own style. In addition to having your own style, you must also find ways to stimulate the curiosity of readers in the novel. Only by making readers full of curiosity can they have the desire to read!

In addition to the above characteristics, those novels with high popularity have a very close relationship between the author and the reader. When you start writing a novel and build up a fan base, even if it's just one or two, find a way to keep them. It is also very important to open a fan group, communicate with readers in the message area, and ask them what they think about the novel.

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