What is a fantasy novel? Do you really understand fantasy novels?

Fantasy novels popular in the 21st century online literary world inherit the fantasy traditions of eastern and western romantic literature, and are a new category of novels derived from the confluence of myths, ghosts, martial arts, and animation games.

Although the main purpose of fantasy novels is entertainment, they are closely related to the current trend of diversification of aesthetic culture. At the same time, they are also in line with the rebellious, impulsive and confident, and eager for self-expression of the post-80s generation, highlighting their aesthetic taste. and value characteristics, has unique cultural value. This article systematically investigates and analyzes the origin and the reasons for the prosperity of fantasy novels, sorts out the historical origin and development of fantasy novels, and reveals the deep social psychology of this novel form and the aesthetic tastes and demands of contemporary teenagers.

Fantasy novels belong to the genre of fantasy novels, and no one should dispute this. In fantasy novels, there are science fiction, fantasy novels and so on that people are more familiar with. Science fiction focuses on the imagination of the future based on science, with British writer Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" as the first masterpiece; fantasy novels are based on mythology and the fantasy of unknown power, with the Western "Frankenstein". The Lord of the Rings, Dragon Spear, etc. Fantasy novels, on the other hand, like to use plausible scientific terms, but are not bound by scientific evidence; they are based on imagination, but go further and more freely than fantasy novels.

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So, what is a fantasy novel?

"A new variety of metaphysics, science and literature has been born, and this novel variety we call 'xuanhua' novel." This is the first appearance of the term "xuanxuan novel" and has a clear definition.

However, fantasy novels soon broke through the category of science fiction with metaphysical implications, and became a genre famous for its imaginative fantasy.

This is how fantasy novels are explained: "Fantasy novels are a type of novels, usually with adventure and war as their themes, with no restrictions on the background of the times, world view, etc., and can be freely used by the author's imagination. It is different from science fiction, fantasy, martial arts and other fantasy Genre novels with a strong nature are closely related." With such a complex thread, it can be seen that the word "xuan" is indeed very mysterious.

Fantasy novels can be said to be based on fantasy novels, drawing on traditional Western magic, Japanese anime character modeling, Chinese martial arts and strategies, plus some sci-fi future imaginations, and combining them with myths and legends. A Chinese-style "fantasy" novel. Of course, no matter how you explain it, it is extremely inclusive, which is a major feature of fantasy novels. And this feature comes from the fact that it has been influenced by many aspects and has many sources. This feature of fantasy novels can be vaguely seen from its development track.

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