Do you really know anything about fantasy?

The subject of fantasy is the first category of novels. Throughout the network, the subject of fantasy has a very large number of works and readers.

What is fantasy?

The word "fantasy" originated from huang Yi's works.

The fantasy in web literature is a mixture of eastern and Western fantasy literature. It is based on Chinese Eastern fantasy elements and mainly integrates western magic, science fiction, animation, martial arts and other elements, thus forming a so-called fantasy novel.

According to some, the origin of fantasy fiction varies from Huang Yi's The Broken Void to Rosen's Tales of Grace. However, it is indisputable that the success of Battle Through the Heavens made fantasy fiction a hot topic in Online literature. Battle Through the Heavens also became a classic masterpiece of fantasy fiction in the history of web novels.


 Battle Through the Heavens still

The basic features of fantasy novels

1 Can freely blend a variety of fantasy elements

We said in the definition of the fantasy, fantasy fusion of various elements, such as strengthen the story and the traditional technique is the main features of the fantasy, as long as the logic self-consistent, it can be in the same story, both in the immortal, and join the magic spell, also can through time and space, the world of fantasy is a very free world, The fantasy novel is a kind of anti-typification novel.

2 has an obvious upgrade system

Fantasy in general space is huge, multi-million dollar words, to prop up the long book, need a layer of rating system, which involves the revenge, adventure, tracing, and treasure the plot is to upgrade the main services, leading to performance by the weak strong counter attack success step by step process.

As mentioned aboveBattle Through the HeavensThe hierarchical system: dou, dou shi, dou Shi, Dou Ling, Dou Wang, Dou Huang, Dou Zong, Dou Zun, Dou Sheng, dou Di a total of 10 levels. Newcomers to their fantasy novels can borrow from existing hierarchies or create their own.

3 Gold finger is essential

In fact, in the vast majority of web articles, goldfinger is indispensable, which is determined by the YY nature of web articles. In fantasy novels, Goldfinger is particularly important, because the protagonist can stand out from other characters and achieve rapid and reasonable growth.