Why do many people feel that the novels on the Internet are unworthy and unattractive?

The creation of modern online novels is no longer the same as the traditional pure literary creation, which pays attention to the meaning and connotation of the work, pursues a depth, and strives to make the work a fine work. The creation of modern online novels is mostly created with the psychology of pursuing interests, or just pursuing the expression of a personal private emotion, rather than pursuing the depth and breadth of the work. Influenced by factors, what can only be produced is a typical batch commodity.” Indeed, some online writers are influenced by commercial factors, in order to pursue a momentary benefit, they reduce the depth of their work, so that the work becomes rigid, The vitality of the work has been lost.

Objectively speaking, without the intervention of commercial factors, the creation of online literature will not have the internal motivation to drive it, but some online writers are now excessively pursuing economic interests, deliberately playing edge balls in their creations, and catering to the low-level interests of some readers to earn high incomes. Click-through rate, so the commercialization of online literature not only promotes the prosperity of online literature, but also harms the advantages of the internal development of online literature. It is likely to be related to this type of commercial writing that pursues profit too much. Therefore, in order to make online literary works have depth and connotation, creators must innovate the writing form, not completely guided by economic interests, nor let the writing become rigid for the immediate economic interests, and let the online literary creation go to a dead end.

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With the advent of the Internet age, the influence of Internet literature has become increasingly far-reaching, and the number of people who accept Internet literature is increasing. The open public platform built by the virtual space of the Internet has completely dismantled the threshold for publishing and reading literary works, and has always regarded tradition and secularism. The sacred writing career for the exclusive intellectual elite has been completely and unreservedly promoted to the popularization and popularization, so that the people at the bottom have more freedom of writing and reading choices.

The rise of online literature is obviously very different from traditional literature in terms of the scope of literature reading. This situation further promotes the prosperity and development of online novels. With the advent of the era of literary diversity, literary styles have also been greatly improved. The richness of online novels, as a new form of writing, although it has not been fully recognized by the real mainstream literature, but as one of the new literary styles, with the help of emerging online media, there is obviously a trend to become a big one. As a new literary form, online novels seem to have entered our lives.

Why do so many people think that online novels are nutritious and unattractive? This is because online literature is different from traditional literature. It is no longer just the line of elegant elites. It spreads rapidly along the path of popular literature with the help of the new communication medium of the Internet environment, bringing contemporary A revolution in online literature. Authors will write whatever readers like, and they will write some curious and fascinating things to attract readers, because readers' click-through rate is closely related to the income of the conclusion. Under this specific background, novels such as online fantasy and self-cultivation are developing like a single spark can start a prairie prairie.

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