Web Fiction: The Importance of Characters' Knots

Characters with heart knots are like giving them souls, which can be said to be as important as the design of the main line of the novel.

However, before I talk about the knot, I have to add another important way to build characters.

Although the three methods in the previous lecture can perfectly create the desired characters, the best novelists or screenwriters often blend the characters silently into the background of the story.

Blending legal characters is the fourth way to create characters.

The advantage of integrating characterization into the main storyline is that it can make the story more complete and the mainline more compact, and through the mainline storyline, pressure is constantly exerted to allow the characters to make choices, thereby revealing the true character of the characters.

From the beginning of the event, it enters the main plot. In the main plot, the protagonist faces challenges and obstacles one by one when pursuing desire goals or doing tasks. In the face of challenges and obstacles, in various dilemmas full of pressure and risks, The true personality of the protagonist is revealed.

He chose so he was...

The words of the characters are often unbelievable, but the choices made at the critical moment can deeply reveal his true character.

For example, in the movie "Titanic", when faced with the risk of life and death, the heroine's fiancé used a child as a guise to get back a life in a lifeboat. The character's true self-description is revealed—his gentlemanly exterior hides a coward.

The way of character building is roughly the four mentioned before, and now we officially introduce the knot.

A heart knot is a stalk in a person's heart, a hurdle that is difficult to overcome.

It can be character problems caused by physical problems, character and emotional problems caused by family background problems, or emotional problems caused by interpersonal relationships. . . .

There are many kinds, but to become a knot, you must either affect the character's character, or affect the character's self-esteem and self-confidence, or affect the character's emotion...

1 (1).jpg

With the heart knot, the characters walk on the main line, and another subplot line will be extended, which not only enriches the plot, but also enriches the characters and avoids the characters being too facial.

Yes, a knot can not only form a subplot, which is what you call a sub-line, or a copy, but also make a character three-dimensional and become a three-dimensional character.

For example, an orphan from a miserable background, who knows how to work hard and gets the golden finger by accident, from then on, he is appraised, smart, decisive, wise, upgrades all the way, and finally becomes the strongest in the universe.

Well, does this kind of character seem familiar in the novel, no, it should be asked if there are countless.

The answer is yes, we have seen countless such uninteresting protagonists in countless novels.

In this sturdy, brave, flawless, never-tangled figure, we see the figure of a godless god.

On the contrary, if a protagonist who is optimistic on the surface, but is actually a bit inferior and insecure because of his orphan status, accidentally obtains the golden finger, and then marches into the main storyline, will such a character live immediately and have human spirituality?

Of course it is.

All I said, the heart knot is the soul of the character, and it is an element that must be set before the main line begins.

In the novel formula, it occupies the first and important position.

I hope that the authors and screenwriters will let them have at least one knot in their hearts when they portray characters.

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