What web novels can bring us and why everyone reads web novels

I am a person who likes to read online novels very much. I am thinking about a question these days, why almost everyone reads online novels? And what can web novels bring us...

Online novels rely on online platforms and are published by online novel writers. It is a new type of novel that appears with the rapid development of the Internet. The style of online novels is free, the subject matter is not limited, and the way of publishing and reading is relatively simple. If you want to become an online novel writer, it is very simple, you can write some stories in your heart and publish them on the online platform.

Online novels are slightly different from general novels. Its looser style makes it possible to cover a wide range of content, such as fantasy, urban, suspense, and martial arts.

The vast majority of novels on the Internet are called fast food literature, which mainly refers to the fact that the plot is too long, the plot is not in line with common sense and logic, the scenes are mostly sadistic, and there is a lack of literary classics, but there are also many outstanding masterpieces, which are very worthwhile. Look.

However, many online writers write for the purpose of making money, which makes online novels update quickly, lose some literary character, and are difficult to be recognized by some people.

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In fact, in online novels, there are also many places that we can learn, such as ancient treasures of Chinese studies, common sense of life, and life mottos. The so-called open book is beneficial, reading a book is better than not optimistic, increasing literary knowledge and improving one's writing ability.

When I was in school, I communicated with some classmates. Basically, every classmate had read online novels to some extent, which attracted them to a certain extent.

Now online novels have become a trend, and their biggest advantage is that they are imaginative and unconstrained, but if they are too addicted, they will consume time that should be spent on their things, and long-term reading of novels may cause frequent sleepless nights. Bad habits can also hurt the body, resulting in decreased vision and lack of concentration.

That's why many people think that online novels are electronic opium. They feel that this novel mode is easy to lead to addiction, a waste of time and meaningless, and even that the author is controlling the readers, making them unable to stop!

But the key to this kind of problem is the strength of one's self-control, and I personally don't think this is a reason to belittle online novels. Overindulging in anything will make you lose everything else.

Online novels are stories in a vain world. When we read, we will yearn for the life in the novel, because that kind of life cannot be realized in real life, but we live in reality after all, and everything we do is Meaningful, we read for ourselves, for our own real gain!

Understand why you read the book and what it brought you, calm down and appreciate some novels with rich thoughts, layers of stories, and ups and downs in plots.

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