Thoughts on the novel

An author in his mid-thirties who publishes his novel online with the title "I'm the greatest writer of all time" or "Millions for sale" and so on, exaggerating himself, sometimes When I saw a title like this, I thought the author was a "twenty-five or six-year-old at most". But in reality, it’s generally people in their thirties—thirties and over.

Of course, such exaggerated titles are much better than titles that humbly say that their works are not good, and then welcome everyone to criticize them. Because the more humble you are, the more sarcastic others will ridicule you. Although exaggerated titles can also make some people sarcastic, but exaggerated titles, to a certain extent, can look down on others.

In fact, the author who makes an exaggerated title is usually very proud. People who are arrogant generally think that only by appearing on their own can the literary world turn the tide—as if they were someone who could turn the tide. In fact, although the current literary world has not reached its peak, it is not enough to lose. Not only has it not lost, but it has also recovered a little.


I generally criticize the literary world, not for the lack of talent, but for not paying attention to the weak from other classes (this weak does not specifically refer to wage earners). If we talk about talents, everyone in the literary world is better than you and me. Even if you and I work hard and can reach the level of others (to a large extent, you can't reach it), it is not bad. To restore the decline of the literary world.

Although some authors have poor living conditions, their unsatisfactory life is only unsatisfactory in living conditions, not spiritual. Just the unsatisfactory material living conditions will not change a person's mentality (such as a proud mentality) in many cases.

Let's go back to "Internet novels". I think online novels (such as ONE) are better written. You can say that they are very well written, but they are not very good. I always feel that some people's writing is not temperate enough.

For example, why is the number of words in online novels always in the millions, and in addition to online novels, why are the novels of other authors always in the hundreds of thousands? Some people haven't written short stories yet and started off as long novels. Of course, if you write a long novel at the beginning, you can't write well if you can't say it, but if you can write well, it belongs to the very few -- it belongs to genius.

Are those famous traditional fiction writers, many of whom didn't start out with novels, because they were incompetent? Of course not, they know moderation and know when to count more and when to count less. Most of the novels of traditional novel writers are in the 300,000 to 400,000 yuan mark. And some new writers, the first one is three or four million.