Online novels are getting longer and longer, so this is the reason

Many people don't know why there are more and more online novels with tens of millions of words. Here I will briefly answer this question. Personal thinking, there is no guarantee that it must be right, it can only be said that the big guy can use it as a reference. If you find something wrong, you can also point it out in the comments below, so we can learn from each other. The writing is not long, and it takes about two or three minutes to read.

Considering that it has been more than 20 years since the development of online novels, compared with traditional novels, this period of time is actually still very short.

In the short span of more than 20 years, it is very remarkable that online novels have developed into such a large market.

In the past two decades, online novels are not static, on the contrary, they have changed a lot. I like to read online novels, and I am an old fan of books, so I should have some experience with this.

In the past two decades, the changes of online novels can also be said to be all-round, from the storytelling techniques to the selection of themes, from the addition and application of elements to the length of the pages, all of which are constantly being updated. The appearance of more than 20 online novels is dynamic and self-improvement.

Let's look at this change in a time period. Ten years ago and ten years later, it has two appearances. The early online novels and the current online novels have changed so fast that they are almost unrecognizable. degree. The eighteen changes of the female university are nothing but the same.

Let's take the length of online novels in detail. This is actually one of the changes of online novels. This change is manifested in that its length is getting longer and longer. At first, it was a lot of more than 100,000 words. Now the longest online novel has reached an astonishing 39 million words. This is not the final length of this novel, because it is still in the serialization and has not yet been completed. It is foreseeable that it will exceed 40 million words by the end.

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As soon as an online novel with a length of more than 40 million words appears, I will ask you if you are afraid.

Before talking about why online novels are getting longer and longer, let’s talk about what the early online novels were like. Early online novels were more like moving traditional novels from paper to web pages. In essence, they didn’t change much. The core of their creation was similar to what they appeared to be. In the early online novels, the author did not plan to write longer at the moment when the novel was conceived in the early stage.

Compared with the current online novels, they are generally more than 2 million words. Among them, Xianxia and Xuanhuan are the most successful. A successful Xianxia and Xuanhuan novel basically maintains a length of more than 3 million words.

With this whole picture of the change, now I will talk about why this change occurs, and I must be able to better understand it.

I think the reasons why online novels are getting longer and longer are as follows:

1. Driven by technology. How should this technology drive be explained? This big guy can recall the knowledge learned in the next textbook. To put it simply, from bamboo slips to paper stamps, and then to the web pages under the code, this is driven by technology. Technological changes have reduced the cost of documentation, preservation and dissemination step by step.

Under the bamboo slips, a thousand words is a big project, and a thousand words under a web page is but an hour, and the fast person can do things that do not even need an hour.

2. Benefit-driven. The main body driven by this interest is the creator. There is no threshold for online novels, but if you want to write a novel that can earn money, the threshold is not low. In addition, online novels are constantly changing, and readers' preferences will not be the same. It is not uncommon for the first novel to be popular with readers, and the next one to be ignored.

With this uncertainty, many online writers dare not finish a novel easily. In the interest that has been seen and the risk that the next book cannot be determined, the author will instinctively choose the visible. So a novel will be written longer and longer.

The choice of readers. This seems to me to be the most overlooked factor. Online novels are developing, and so are readers.

There are also short stories in web articles, but more readers prefer long stories. When encountering those novels with only a few hundred thousand words, many readers will not choose to read them, but will put them on the bookshelf and wait until they have enough words before reading.

There is also this simple and direct judgment among readers, that is, a novel with less than 2 million words is not worth reading, and it will be equated with a failed work. This choice of readers also forced the authors of online articles to lengthen the length of the article, and no one will read it if they do not write long, which is somewhat of a last resort.

So is this trend of writing longer and longer web novels a good or a bad thing? Welcome to Panda Novel to discuss this issue together.