Those wonderful moments in the novel "Perfect World"

Looking at the novel "Perfect World", the most exciting plots in the first 300 chapters are the episodes of Shi Zhongtian, Shi Ziling, and Shi Hao making a riot at the Wu Palace. This is the confrontation between the three generations of ancestors and the Wu Palace.

According to the development order of the story, the first person to appear is Shi Yiling, the father of the protagonist Shi Hao. In the novel, Shi Ziling was unsuccessfully searching for his father's whereabouts. When he came back, he found that his son had been designed by his tribe to forcibly stole the supreme bone. It is a pity that he was not strong enough after all. He was imprisoned under the siege of the four ancestors of the clan, and finally was sent to the second ancestor's land in the western border of the stone country. In the duel between Shi Ziling and Prince Wu's Mansion, judging from his combat performance, he could be regarded as the most talented young generation in Prince Wu's Mansion. Also known as the new generation of God of War in Wu Wangfu.

In the duel with Prince Wu's Mansion, none of the elders who were older than him were his opponents, and even those who were two generations older than him would only lose one-on-one. For example, Shi Li, an ancestor-level powerhouse, suffered a loss from Shi Ziling's hands. He could only invite the other three to besiege together, and he had to be subdued with the aid of a great formation.

Shi Zhongtian, the second appearance. He is the grandfather of the protagonist Shi Hao and the father of Shi Ziling. Known as the Great Demon King, it shows his strength and ferocity. This Great Demon King was only a few months old when Shi Hao was only a few months old, and his strength was already able to shoot down the cubs of the ancient relics with extremely pure blood. When Shi Hao was in his teens, his strength skyrocketed, and he was already the number one person in the entire Martial Palace.

In the duel with King Wu, the master of King Wu's Mansion, Shi Zhongtian completely broke out his strength. If there is no strong presence in the Magic Lake to intervene, after defeating King Wu, he will be the controller of King Wu's Mansion. When the Great Demon King appeared, the villain represented by Shi Li no longer had the prestige when he fought against Shi Ziling, and it was very difficult to even bear the roar of the Great Demon King. It must also be mentioned that the Great Demon King alone suppressed not only the Wu Wangfu, but also the Yuzu and Wangfu of Shi Yi's mother clan. The Yuwang Mansion was the most unlucky, because Shi Yi's entire palace was demolished twice by his grandfather and grandson.

The last one to appear is our protagonist Shi Hao. A teenager in his teens, in the ten-hole world, his strength is comparable to that of a prince. When he came on stage, his grandfather had already crippled the highest-end combat power of the two palaces, and with the help of the pagoda, breaking in alone would kill the Yufu.


In the duel with Yufu, he harvested eight fierce swords, and also fought a battle with the rain god projection of the rain clan. After demolishing the Yuwang Mansion, he finally walked away. Shi Hao's appearance was still the focus of the battle with Shi Yi's father, Shi Ziteng. Shi Ziteng was the same generation as Shi Ziling. When Shiziling was making a fuss about the Wu Palace, he was just a small character who needed to be protected by someone. More than ten years later, with the help of the big alien power, Demon Lake, it began to show its prominence, and its combat power is already at the top of the princes. However, in the end, he was defeated by Shi Hao, a junior, and he also lost a divine weapon, which was a huge shame. It's a pity that there was no scene of Shi Hao's fierce battle with the Demon Spider, which was stopped by the Human Sovereign of the Shi Kingdom.

Ending: The grandfather and grandson face off against the Wu Wangfu, and incidentally, the Wu Wang of the Rain Clan is actually a plot that revolves around Shi Yi who did not appear on the stage. Even the climax is also a foreshadowing. When the two brothers Shi Hao and Shi Yi met, it was bound to be a brilliant duel of geniuses.

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