Talk about the meaning of reading novels

When reading novels became a pastime, most people thought that reading novels would be of little significance.

In fact, reading novels has a certain purpose and a certain meaning. At least, from the perspective of recreation, reading novels for recreation is a purpose. When people are bored, they can relax by reading novels, which means watching other people's lives and broadening their thinking space. No matter how miserable and happy the protagonist is in the novel, the person who reads the novel is not guilty of anything. Responsible, but can mourn and laugh together with the protagonists in the novel. Therefore, novels give people the mentality of spectators. Of course, it is good to be involved in it. If you don't get involved, it is just a pastime. I find it interesting when I watch it. I watch the lives of other people, even the lives of animals or aliens. I also have some feelings and I will cover up and ponder, but after watching it, I forget it after a while. If I pick it up again Read it again, and you'll regain the experience of reading it the first time. That is to say, reading novels has a certain degree of reality, and it only has a certain impact at the time of reading and after it can be remembered, but it will not have an impact if it is completely forgotten.

This statement is not without bias. Reading is a spiritual activity, not a material activity. When a reader reads a novel, it is equivalent to communicating with the protagonist and the author in the novel. As for the effect of the communication, it depends entirely on the reader's mentality, acceptance and other conditions. During reading, readers may stray from the work, feel that the work is not interesting, or even feel that the work lacks novelty, and it is better to write it yourself. However, readers generally do not catch the knife themselves. Most of them have to look at other people's lives, or look at the author's ideas. In addition to entertainment, they are looking for curiosity, stimulation, and creative experience. It can be said that novels function as folk tales passed down by word of mouth when there was no paper in ancient times. People need stories, not only to get emotional regulation in the story, but also to get the experience of life and creation in the story. A novel is a record of a life, even if it is fiction, it does not affect people's acceptance. Because the inner logic of the novel is real, and the relationship between the characters is real, but the plot and character names are fictitious, of course, readers can accept it. If it's outrageous, people don't want to watch it. There are characters, plots, environments, and many details in a long novel. It is all-encompassing, and it can even create hundreds of characters. It can also design the economy, politics, culture, medicine, philosophy and other multidisciplinary things of the era described in the novel. , a living encyclopedia. The meaning of novels lies in this, not just to be liked, nor just to make money, but to write the life at that time into the novel, which plays a supplementary role to history. Of course, the novel cannot be regarded as history completely, but a part of the history at that time can be understood through the description of the novel or the author's thoughts, or just the author's fictional history, which is enough to open the eyes of readers.


The novel is not a big talk, but a small talk. It turned out that the city novels who told stories in Goulan Wasi, said "three points" and "iron horsemen", etc., which attracted many audiences. Therefore, novels do not only refer to paper books, but also to storytelling, commonly known as novels. Storytelling is an adaptation of a paper novel, which is adapted into a storybook, also called a storybook. In other words, the predecessors of novels used to be the basis for storytelling, rather than purely literary novels with a rigorous structure. Listening to storytelling can get artistic enjoyment, you don't need to read it yourself, save your eyes; you don't have to read it yourself, save your heart, although it takes time, people don't care about that time. Listening to storytelling is like listening to opera, enjoying and at ease. As for what it means, no one knows. As long as people say it is meaningful, others agree and think it is a meaningful activity. After a long time, no one has said anything about the meaning. Just listen and watch directly, and think that what is meaningful is what it means.

It can be said that the function of novels is to entertain, but also to output part of the values. People who read novels will definitely be influenced by novels, but this influence goes deep into the subconscious level, whether they admit it or not, it will have an impact.

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