The Ways of Cultivating Aesthetic Ability in Novel Reading

As a language subject, one of the main manifestations of its humanistic characteristics is the cultivation of students' aesthetic ability. Students can feel the existence of "beauty" in literary and artistic works from ancient times to the present in the process of learning Chinese knowledge, and integrate this perception into their own ability system under the guidance of teachers. In this way, students can gain more gains in the Chinese classroom, and at the same time effectively improve their comprehensive quality.

Create contrast and help students experience the beauty of image

The aesthetic level of primary school students is still in the primary stage, they do not have a clear concept of beauty and ugliness in the text, and they lack sufficient sensitivity in distinguishing between beauty and ugliness. Therefore, teachers must consciously create contrasts to make "beauty" stand out and help students experience the beauty of images.

Appreciating the Art of Plot with Text Conception as the Breaking Point

The novel is fascinating with its rich plot, and the setting of the plot depends on the overall concept of the novel. In primary school novel reading teaching, teachers guide students to grasp the basic elements of the plot and appreciate the plot design skills, appreciate and comprehend the ingenious art of novel conception, and master the method of plot reading comprehension.

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Grab the essential elements of the plot. The basic elements of the plot are the beginning, development, climax, and ending, which are the clues to grasp the plot of the novel as a whole. With the help of schematic diagrams, it is a very practical strategy to summarize the plot content in simple words and then present the main line of the novel's plot.

Analyze plotting skills. Novels reflect the subtlety of conception in the arrangement of plots. By learning the artistry of plot arrangements in novels, it has good reference and guiding significance for students' reading and writing.

Starting from the environment to expand the association

The environment is the third element of the novel, which is divided into the natural environment and the social environment, which play an important role in the novel. The description of the environment in the novel is often highly directional. In the teaching of novel reading, students should be guided to analyze the description of the environment and explore its role in the expression of the content and theme of the novel.

Explain the background and render the atmosphere. The content and plot of the novel are developed in a certain social or natural environment, and the natural or social background is explained through the description of the environment, so as to render and pave the way for the whole novel.

Highlight the characters and deepen the theme. In addition to having an important role in the content and plot, the environmental description of the novel has a clear theme-related orientation, that is, the environmental description ultimately serves the expression of the characters and the theme of the novel, which is reflected in most of the novels. For example, the novel "In Berlin" ends abruptly with the description of the environment of "a piece of silence in the carriage, which is terribly quiet". The atmosphere of the carriage changes from "laughing" to "quiet", giving readers unlimited thinking space and deepening the theme of war crimes. .

In a word, cultivating students' aesthetic ability in primary school Chinese classroom teaching has become one of the core goals of current primary school Chinese teaching. Primary school Chinese teachers should combine their own teaching experience to constantly excavate the aesthetic elements contained in the novel. What remains unchanged is always to grasp the three elements of the novel's characters, plot and environment, grasp the three elements of the novel, and extract the novel's essence from the three elements. The aesthetic element opens a door for entering the novel.

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