What kind of habit is it that you can't stop reading online novels?

People indulge in novels because of excessive psychological pressure. People of different age groups have different sources of pressure, but it boils down to the fact that they cannot easily achieve their goals. They are psychologically resistant to the difficulties of study and work, so they look for alternatives. Psychological comfort, online novel is one of them.

Various forms of entertainment can be a substitute for psychological comfort, but in work and students, many scenes do not allow us to carry out more obvious entertainment activities, while reading novels is more hidden, so even if various audio-visual entertainment platforms emerge in an endless stream , still can not shake the status of online novels, secretly reading novels is becoming a way for many people to relieve stress.

The reason why online novels are decompressed is not because of their readability, but because the content and plot design takes care of the readers' psychological needs. To put it bluntly, it is refreshing. In almost all popular novels, the difficulty of the development of the story line is relatively low, and it is even possible. It is called mentally retarded, but this just meets the psychological demands of readers to simply achieve their goals, so many people read while complaining and still can't let go.


Another feature of online novels is "slap in the face". Readers take the role of characters when reading, and experience the feeling of slapping someone's face, so that the depression and grievances in life can be released. System, the author reduces the difficulty of the protagonist reaching the peak through various configurations, and more and more meets the psychological needs of readers.

Fiction is to allow readers to build a virtual space of their own when reading, and in the space they can experience the feeling that they want but cannot get in life, so some people will indulge in it and form a psychological addiction.

The emergence of online novels conforms to the needs of the times, but also brings hidden dangers, because the reader's cool point is constantly improving, and the lower limit of the work will be infinitely reduced, and even impact the traditional moral concept. Swinging repeatedly, there are enough interests to drive, and I dare not indulge those works that are playing edge balls, and some people will also be in a state of being unable to distinguish between reality and illusion. This is also a point that needs to be vigilant. Life is too stressful, and this is true for everyone. I hope there will be a good space to release the pressure, but I hope this space will not collapse.

Online novels are good-looking, but don’t be too addicted, and pay attention to your health. For more exciting novels, please visit Panda Novels