Come and teach you how to write a good novel

Now many people have started to write novels on the Internet, what if they accidentally catch fire? Now I'm going to show you how to write a good novel

When writing a novel, you must have a good beginning. Many people will not be in the mood to continue reading when they see the first few hundred words and feel that it is not good. Because reading novels is a process of enjoyment, and others are not doing research, a tedious and boring beginning is not desirable. The editor has a lot of experience of abandoning writing. Many people who have just written a novel always want to explain some things clearly at the beginning of the novel. What is the need for the plot? In fact, this is unnecessary. It must be fascinating from the beginning, and the things explained can be slowly interspersed in the text of the novel. 

Half of the novices like to write the first person. In fact, this is wrong. The first person is indeed very simple at the beginning, but it will become more and more difficult to write later, because in a long novel, the first person has many limitations. For example, to explain things in the text that I didn't see, the inside story that I didn't know, and so on.


If you want a novel to be exciting, you still have to rely on the plot, and the plot depends on the foreshadowing, but the foreshadowing must be arranged skillfully. Many people write when they write, and then there is a sudden change. This is wrong, and readers will be extremely disgusted. Such a situation occurs. Another situation is far-fetched foreshadowing, which can also be said to be foreshadowing. For example, if you write now and later feel that it is not very exciting, you want to add more. Just look at the chapters in front of me, I feel that some places can be used as foreshadowing, and then add plots later. The foreshadowing found in this way can't be regarded as an undercover at all, and the feeling of being too far-fetched will make readers feel that you are poor. 

For formal works, you must make an outline for yourself. If you have a good foundation, your work will look good. Many newbies don’t have the habit of outlines, so they think about it while writing, so they often don’t know how to develop it later. Unless you're an expert, make an outline. When I feel that there is nothing to write about, I can only say that the author did not observe life. In fact, many interesting things can be written into the novel. Regardless of whether there is an outline or not, as long as it is a published work, don't abandon it, otherwise you will become less and less famous.

Long novels naturally need to learn to segment, and many newbies will capitalize once they come up. Crowding together is not only ugly, but also makes readers not in the mood to continue reading. Of course, if you have the ability, you can go to the website and become a contract author. It's not bad to make a little money.

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