The biggest difference between classic online novels and traditional classic novels

I accidentally saw someone discussing this issue, what is the difference between classic online novels and classic traditional novels, and where are the differences. I will share some of my personal views. However, since this topic is a bit big, if there is something wrong with me, the big guy can point it out, as if we are learning from each other.

What is a classic, and how do people define this classic? I checked it, and there are many sayings. I will mention the most representative ones.

The so-called classics are exemplary and authoritative works; they endure for a long time and create works of all ages. Some people think it is the most valuable, it is the most representative in the entire industry, it is the most perfect work and so on.

To put it more profoundly, what the classics show is the depth and breadth of human vision.

Then we take these definitions of classics to see what is the difference between the classics of online novels and the classics of traditional novels.

If we measure classic online novels according to the above standards, we will find that many of them have been identified as classics and do not have the above characteristics at all. For example, longevity is rarely attainable.

When we watched "Battle Through the Heavens" a few years ago, we basically thought it was a masterpiece. A few years later, when we read this novel again, how do we feel? Is it completely different? There are not many people who can still read it now, or it is difficult to read this novel two or three times.

In this comparison, the classic online novels seem to be not classic at all.

However, can this matter not be discussed in this way? I don’t think so. These two kinds of literature cannot be discussed under one standard.


Bananas and oranges are the same fruits, right, but the taste is completely different. Internet literature and traditional novels are no different from bananas and oranges, so they cannot be put together.

To discuss classic online novels, we have to use another evaluation system. Online novels are highly commercialized and entertaining literature, and the core ideas are updated very quickly. Maybe it was still popular the year before, but this year it is already outdated and no one likes it anymore.

This situation is described in one word, the classic network novel network, its classics are time-sensitive, this classic only exists in a period of time, and it is no longer eternal. It is not a classic in the sense of traditional fiction. And this is the biggest difference between classic web novels and classic traditional paper novels

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