It is the best long-form online novel with a total word count of more than 4 million, and it is a masterpiece in the hearts of many people.

Today, I would like to recommend to you a long online novel that I think is the best. The total number of words is more than 4 million. It is a masterpiece in the hearts of many people.

Be clear at the beginning, define first. For online novels, writing two million words is a normal level, so long-form novels in online texts cannot be defined according to normal standards.

For me, online novels can only be considered novels if the number of words exceeds 4 million words.

As a novel lover for ten years, I have read a lot of such novels. Although most of them tend to be mediocre in the later stages, there are also some that make me chase them from beginning to end, so I can't stop. Among them, my favorite one is Tomato's "Swallowed Star".

"Swallowed Star" was written in 2010 and completed in 12 years, with a total of more than 4.7 million words. This is a phenomenal novel. I believe that as long as you understand the Internet, there is no one who does not know this book. It's so hot.

This book is one of my favorite science fiction novels I have read for so many years. And very cleverly, the focus of this book is actually cosmic hegemony, racial struggle, cultivation, etc., which seems to have nothing to do with science fiction. But in the process of watching, you can still feel a strong sense of technology, and it does not violate the combination of these elements.


Maybe this is the author's strongest point. It perfectly combines cultivation and technology. I think the highlight is the setting of the virtual universe. It has a strong sense of technology as soon as it comes out, but at the same time, it can be simulated here. Laws, you can have an infinite life test, and it reflects the core of cultivation, which is very exciting.

In addition to the setting of the virtual universe, this book is also very grand about the settings of various races and cultivation levels in the universe. Someone once commented that the tomato is the only one with such a grand and complicated background that did not collapse the cultivation system, and was still very rigorous.

This is also one of the reasons why I like this book so much. The various secret realms in the universe, as well as the struggle between races, the continuous self-improvement of weak races, etc., all make me feel shocked and wonderful.

In contrast, in fact, the characters in this book are not so brilliant. Although there are many characters, there are not many impressive ones. This is also understandable. After all, the world view is too big, and there are too many characters. It is already very powerful to be able to write it like this.

I read this book again a few days ago, and with this addition, I have read this book almost four times, and I really can't get enough of it.

If you have a friend who has fallen into a book shortage, you may wish to revisit this classic novel, you will not be disappointed!

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