Why do I still like to read online novels with the same routines?

I like reading online novels very much, especially the themes of time travel and rebirth.

After each heroine is reborn, she begins to rebuild her own life order, and upgrades the story of fighting monsters and defending her country. It is very cool to watch.

After reading a lot of these novels, I found that many of the stories are similar, and the routines are the same.

But, why can I still watch it in the face of different characters? This is the genius of the author.

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Let's take a look at those routines in the novel:

routine one

The heroine was a famous family in her previous life. Either her daughter was killed by a concubine, or her daughter was killed by a concubine. In short, there was a victim.

Reborn by chance, and then become the smartest and most witty person, see the situation around you clearly, and turn things around.

Not only did he rob the lover of the person who once harmed her, but he also defeated the person who once harmed her.

Finally reached the pinnacle of life.

Routine two

The father of the heroine is usually a general, a very important figure in the country, and the object of the imperial power struggle.

Eye-catching and thrilling at the same time!

In the end, the family became a victim of the country and imperial power, and even the heroine became a victim.

And the rebirth of the heroine is to change this ending and keep the family.

Finally, let this family become the only perfect family in the troubled times.

routine three

The male protagonists are all people who endure and dormant. They don't seem to have any fighting ability, but they are actually black-bellied and vicious people with full marks in fighting ability.

However, the only truth, goodness and beauty of the male protagonist were all given to the female protagonist by chance.

And the male protagonist's obsession with the female protagonist is all due to the help of the female protagonist to the male protagonist when he was a child.

routine four

The people in power now basically snatch the rights of the original male protagonist's father, and finally the male protagonist leads the female protagonist to set things right.

The male and female protagonists have reached the pinnacle of their lives one after another, trampling those who once harmed them under their feet.

However, many times, the heroine always has the aura of the savior and a generous heart, and most of the time forgives those who have harmed her.

It can also make these people get lost, regret what they have done, and finally become a good helper for the heroine.

At this time, we will feel that the heroine is really good, really beautiful and kind.

She deserves the pinnacle of her life.

The above is my summary of this type of novel.

Although the routine is the same, the different works are really different.

Some of the content will be very attractive to me, making me always want to see the next development.

The rhythm is fast and interlocking, making people addicted.

But some works are really hard to watch, they are full of loopholes, they will play after a while, and it is easy to give up.

The imagination that the text brings to us is very real. Those figures are very vague, but they are in your heart and exist.

In different works, we will construct different characters, and even substitute ourselves into them. This is probably the charm of novels.

Although the routines are similar, why do you still like to watch it?

My personal feeling is:

1. Hope to change the status quo

Maybe sometimes I feel very dissatisfied with my current situation and want to change in some way, but I can't find a way out.

At this time, I especially hope that I am the person in the novel who can be reborn and change the fate.

Be a foresighted and foresighted person who can foresee danger and give corresponding countermeasures.

Make your life more perfect.

This is also a way of expecting, although it can't be achieved, it can also let us understand that many sad stories are mostly caused by not being smart enough and easy to listen to others.

So if you put it into real life, if you want to live a good life, you must listen to it and read more.

2. The thrill of reaching the pinnacle of life

In most rebirth novels, the heroine will hang up after rebirth, or change her fate or succeed in revenge.

In short, they will reach the pinnacle of life in various ways.

In the process of reading the novel, I will feel very happy for the heroine's opening.

Similar to the feeling when the bad guy gets the corresponding punishment, it's cool to watch.

In reality, we will often encounter various difficulties, and we very much hope to have the opportunity to counterattack.

Give some face back to those who were embarrassed.

And these novels just meet our needs, so we will like to read this kind of content very much.

Life is like a drama, drama is like life. Probably so.

Do you have any novels you like to read, do you regret your past self and wish to give pointers to your past self?

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