Several genres of urban novels, I don’t know which one you prefer

Urban novels generally refer to novels whose story is set in a modern city. This type of novel has the advantages of being close to life, easy to obtain materials, and easy for readers to accept. It has always been widely loved by readers. In recent years, a large number of cities have also emerged in online articles. work.

Metropolitan novels can be divided into the following genres according to different aspects and fields involved.

1 Rebirth Stream

Rebirth is one of the most common golden fingers in urban novels. It refers to the novel in which the protagonist in the novel saves his memories and returns to the past, re-planning his life to make up for regrets. Rebirth novels can easily resonate with online readers. The protagonists in rebirth novels often use the ability to predict the future, in the era of rebirth, revenge and save people, promote wealth, pursue love, etc., and finally reach the pinnacle of life, which can be described as adultery. The traces are quite heavy.

Representative works of this kind of rebirth novels include "Rebirth of the God-level Scholar", "Rebirth of the Perfect Era" and so on.


2 power flow

Supernatural powers are also a big golden finger in urban novels. Supernatural powers are special functions. In urban novels, in order to make the protagonist "reasonably" powerful, they usually give the protagonist some special functions, such as perspective, invisibility, clone, and reflection. Treasures, etc., the ability settings are large and small, and there are many types of abilities. The masterpiece of urban supernatural essays such as Murloc II "So Pure, So Flirtatious" (perspective ability)

Zhang Xiaohua, "I am a monster" (time advance and retreat function), "Urban Super Medical Sage", etc. (Genius doctors, also belong to this category).


3 soldiers

Bingwangliu, in general, is a master guard flower. The protagonist of this type of novel is either the retired soldier king or the hermit master. The professions of soldier king, killer, mercenary return to the city and act bravely; this type of novel generally also has the role of beautiful women, which can be female president, school girl or The rich lady has a variety of ambiguous passions with the protagonist, and her representative works include "Beauty and the Bodyguard", "Super Soldier King", "Ace Monster" and so on.


4 Workplace flow

Workplace essays commonly include official literary, cultural and entertainment literary, business war essays, etc. As long as they are not involved in military or political affairs, all professions can be written, especially those that are relatively unpopular. I personally think that there is still a lot to do.

Orthodox workplace essays require relatively high requirements for authors, more or less require a certain amount of industry accumulation, or require the author to inquire a lot of industry information, such as Qi Cheng’s "Industrial Overlord" and "Material Empire", because the author himself is an industry Doctor of Economics, the work looks quite professional. In addition, official essays test the author's grasp of the sophistication of the human relationship and the struggle between the two. It is very difficult to write.

However, there are still very few real workplace essays in the Internet. Most of them are just YY. Occupation is a coat. The main plots of the ambiguity that have remained unchanged for thousands of years, pretending to be X on the face, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, are really reflected. The composition of the workplace is very small, which is also a problem faced by my country's current workplace film and television dramas.


5 campus flow

Novels with a campus as the story background fall into this category. In male frequency, such novels are often combined with rebirth and supernatural powers. Rebirth writes the story of the protagonist’s rebirth and returns to the campus era. In the campus, the protagonist learns to pick up girls without fail; in the female frequency, most of the main line of campus literature is romance, or abusive or sweet, telling romantic love stories.

The classification of urban literature is roughly the above. For now, the city is a hot genre of online literature. Female urban novels are mostly adapted from film and television. The more well-known works, such as Gu Man's "Small Smiles Are Allure", and Tonghua's "To Us" "The Youth That Will Pass", "Zhenhua Trilogy" by Chang'an in August and so on.


6 President Stream

The last thing I have to mention is another popular type of female urban essays-presidential essays. President Wen is a small branch of romance novels. The male lead of the President Wen is usually the president in modern business society or someone with the status of a president. The appearance must be handsome, the character is decisive, and the temper is violent; The setting is generally the male lead’s secretary, maid, surrogacy, etc., which is convenient for ambiguous identities, and there are also silly white sweet girls who are unintentionally attracted by the president.

The main line plot of most of the president’s text is that the male lead is domineering to the female lead. This may be because of some previous grievances and hatreds, which made the female lead both love and hate the president, and finally experienced hardships together~~ Everyone compares Some familiar CEO articles include Ming Xiaoxi’s "Summer of Bubbles", "A Thousand Mountains in the Evening Snow", Gu Man's "Shan Shan is Late" and so on.