If web novels never existed, what would our lives be like now?

I have been engaged in the creation of online novels for so many years. One thing I have to admit is that online novels have really changed my life. In fact, the author has been thinking about such a question. If online novels or online literature never appeared, what would our life be like now? I believe that many friends who have changed their lives because of online novels or online literature will have thought about this question! The author will chat with you below!

First, we have to go to the library or bookstore to read books.

I still remember reading books in the past, but there are no computers, smartphones, and e-readers, and the Internet is inconvenient, but I still like to read. What to do then? When I go to school, the school has a library, and I have three or five friends. After class, I go to the library to gather together. The quiet reading environment is unforgettable to this day. If there is no library, I will go to the bookstore to read. I still remember the disgusting look the bookstore owner gave me. After all, a kid who does not buy books and only reads books is very unpopular. And now that online novels have become so popular, I don't have to go to a bookstore to be scorned by the boss.

Second, the creation of novels will still appear mysterious to us ordinary people.

Without the emergence of online novels, I believe that many of my friends would not even think about writing their own novels! The author remembers that when I was in school, the Chinese teacher told us that writing a novel is difficult, requiring rich life experience and strict language and writing. At that time, novel writing was really mysterious to me, an ordinary person. Especially when I see those praised novel writers in the textbooks, the author is really envious. But until I came into contact with online novels and wrote the first novel of my own, the author also realized that the original novel creation is nothing more than writing your own story, that's all!

Third, traditional writers will continue to hold the right to speak in literature.

When the author is not in contact with online novels, what the author most often hears is the speeches of those traditional writers, as well as the publication of novels that the author may not have a place to publish in his whole life. Those traditional writers can talk freely about the creation of novels, but ordinary people like the author can only listen to their guidance and comments even if they write a novel. Either the writing is not good, or there is no artistic conception. In short, they cannot get into their eyes. Even if you feel that you write well, it is useless, and this is the so-called traditional writer's right to speak. Now that online novels have appeared, even an ordinary person can realize his own writing dream. Those traditional writers can't stop it, and they can only devote themselves to the creation of online literature. This cannot be said to be an irony.

Fourth, many of our imaginations may always be just imaginations.

We all know that writing web novels depends on our imagination, but what if web novels did not appear? Imagination is just imagination after all, right? Even if you have the best imagination, if you don't express it, it can only be regarded as cranky. With the advent of online novels, we can express our imagination by writing online novels, and this is another change of online novels to our lives, which makes our imagination show place.

Fifth, writers are just writers, and there will be no network writers.

Before the advent of online novels, our perception of writers was probably only writers. However, when online novels really appeared, we learned that there are still online writers. Unlike traditional writers, each of us can be called an online writer as long as we write online novels. Don't say that the reputation of online writers is worthless, as long as you work hard in this industry, then online writers can also create miracles!


Sixth, there may still be only those traditional masterpieces before our case.

Before the advent of online novels, aren't the literary works we can read only these traditional masterpieces? But what about web novels? Few people care about these traditional classics. There is no way. Many friends compare traditional classics with online novels, and only the word "boring" can describe them. In fact, although the author writes online novels, I still advise everyone to read more. These traditional masterpieces are also beneficial to our creation.

If there is no online literature, would life really be like the six things that the author exemplifies? The author thinks about it! Internet literature or online novels have really changed our lives too much, but no matter how we change, we should allow the healthy development of online literature and online novels. This may be the responsibility of our online novel creators. !

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