The lifespan of fiction is longer than that of God

God is the oldest and best artistic image created by the impulse in people's fictional stories, omniscient and omnipotent, but the lifespan of fiction is longer than that of God.

God did not exist from the beginning, but was created by fiction. In other words, the preacher is telling people about the God in the image of the novel, not the real God. Because the real God does not exist at all, the so-called gods in dreams that people see are constructed by their own consciousness, not real. When preachers spread God's miracles, they were actually preaching ancient myths. Even if God is said to be a God that ordinary people can believe in, it cannot show the real image of God. Without miracles, there would be no worship, and without worship, there would be no belief. As a result, God incarnates as a character in the novel, and is praised by people everywhere.

That is to say, the author of a novel can create a god, and let the god do a lot of things, and yet seem to do nothing at all. When a novelist uses a third-person narrative, it is equivalent to entering the perspective of God, having an omniscient and omniscient perspective on characters and stories, and of course he can create some characters and things. The author is the king of novel creation, but the author is not so free, but is restricted by the laws of novel creation. He can create an omniscient and almighty god to break through various limitations, and he can also achieve a kind of freedom in creation, but he cannot become a god himself, and he cannot create novels as he wants. After all, novels have their own creation rules and internal logic. 

The creation of novels will not stop, but after God created man, he stopped creating, but stopped. People reproduce and grow by themselves. As a result, today's human beings have become their own reproduction creatures, and quickly occupied the earth. But God has disappeared. People just think that there is a God, but in fact, God does not exist at all, just like people think that the characters in the novel really exist, but they are only fictional existences, and they do not exist in reality at all. God is the character in the novel, and it is also a kind of virtual existence, so many people believe it. So people have to set up religions, believe in gods, and preach novels about gods everywhere—miracles. After attracting more people, those who preach God will become religious leaders, and then they will preach and carry forward God so that God can enter everyone’s heart. In fact, what they preach are all novels, virtual existences, and to turn this virtual existence into real things, they also need to make statues, enshrine tablets, and even in some regions, deities are very secular and consistent with local customs. god. It's like the author of a novel wants to let the characters do as the locals do, and they become secular characters, but they are often prone to problems.

Novel writing will not stop, and novel reading will not stop. It can be said that the novel reading market gave birth to the creation of novels, and it was also the creation of novels that brought the prosperity of novels. With the market, there will be continuous creation and continuous reading. People read novels, accept the ideas they promote, and are deeply impressed by the characters in the novels. They also tell others about the characters and plots in the novels to let others know that there is such a novel. That is, reading about novels will continue, while devotion about God will not necessarily continue. Although novels have appeared in many genres in the process of development, and the creation theories and techniques are different, people like this kind of creation, and they don't like random writing and works full of loopholes. Therefore, when writers write novels, they will be more attentive, and even imitate the characters in the novel to talk to themselves, and sometimes they will make noises, but it is actually the writers who are making noises. So, are writers still free?

Of course not free, but the novels created by writers have long-term vitality. Novels have a lifespan of thousands of years, and legends, legends, storybooks, etc. have been passed down to the present, and they have become what they are now. It's not that the story isn't great, it's that it lacks beautiful words. But writers don't bother to use beautiful words, they just focus on being right. The right words are the best words, the right team is the real team, and the right environment is the real environment. Therefore, writers need to conceive their own inner activities and rhythms. Most of the unknown writers or writers do not have much sense of rules, and the works they write are not likely to be passed down. Once the great writers wrote modern poetry, it has become the same as children's poetry. When they are free, they also think about how to live, but they have sufficient and lofty ideals to move towards their goals.

The lifespan of the novel continues from generation to generation, and readers update it one after another. But the teachers will say that these books are idle books and cannot be read. Especially Jin Yong, Gu Long and Liang Yusheng. They write on the one hand and work on innovation on the other. Later, people began to read their works, and they had a strong resonance, and this resonance was only encountered when they believed in God, and they could enjoy some treatment without paying. However, this behavior of not paying is not necessarily sustainable.

As a result, God has become a secular animal and an enduring artistic image in the hearts of believers. In the novel, God realizes his freedom and becomes God, but in real life, God does not exist, only exists in people's minds, and there are many magnificent imaginations of omniscience and omnipotence.

Fiction writing and reading will continue, and the image of God may be altered beyond recognition, or even unrecognizable at all. Some people even think that the image of a god who does good deeds and accumulates virtue is a big fool who is not tolerated by the world. In fact, people just think it is wrong. Gods can become devils, and devils can become gods. Buddhism says, "Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot."

Fiction is not a butcher's knife, but a long-lived thing, and after waiting for God to disappear, a novel will become a long-lived thing.

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