How to write a novel to understand a story 1: Stories are a necessity of life, and novels give life form

People love to read stories and have an insatiable appetite for stories.

People are full of desire for stories, pursue personal and emotional experiences in stories, and want to achieve an intellectual and emotional satisfaction in stories.

People spend a lot of time in stories, and stories come in many forms, and web novels are one of them.

1. Web novels

Online novels are also called online articles. Many people like to read online articles, and many people are engaged in writing online articles.

The online text industry has a huge market and fierce competition. The author squeezed his head, but there was not much money to be made.

The writers standing at the top of the pyramid are looked up and admired by thousands of people, but the writers at the bottom of the pyramid are like moths to a flame, dying one after another.

There are fewer and fewer readers, more and more authors, fewer and fewer good stories, and more and more homogeneous stories.

Faster internet speeds, cheaper traffic, more options for entertainment, and fewer people reading novels.

The threshold for writing a novel is very low. If you have the desire to talk, you have time, you can type, and you can organize language, you can start writing novels. Whether you can persevere and stand out is another matter.

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2. Internet Dreams

Many people have a simple dream in their hearts, to write a successful novel, to be a writer with financial freedom.

Some people see a novel, think it is very good, feel admiration in their hearts, and want to write a novel themselves, incorporating all the ideas that excite them.

Some people feel very unhappy when they see a novel. If they really want to complain, they want to write one themselves. They think that so many people read such a rubbish novel, so as long as you write it yourself, you can be successful.

Dreams will take root, most people give up, and some people are still holding on.

To write a good novel and tell a story well, it is not enough to be bold, there are too many things to learn, and too much perseverance to persevere.

3. Figure out the story

Internet articles tell stories. A few people have the talent to tell stories, while most people don’t have the awareness to figure out stories and why people like to read stories.

Nowadays, many online articles can be described as open-minded and bizarre, but the stories themselves are really weak, and savvy readers can see through the tricks at a glance.

What many writers do is to make stories that can stimulate people's emotions, win the hearts of readers, make readers feel interesting, and feel good. . .

It's not that these are bad, or that they're useless, but that these are the author's craftsmanship. After all, the Eight Immortals have their own magical powers across the sea, but for trying to figure out the story, these are not enough.

4. Insight into life

People like to read stories because people have the instinct to explore the meaning of life, and the art of story is the source of the exploration of the meaning of life that people still believe.

If you want to write a good novel and tell a good story, why not start with this?

Stories are a necessity of life, and novels give life form. People have a deep need to capture their life patterns, find ways to correct them in a chaotic life, gain insight into the true meaning of life, and realize a personal and emotional experience.

The author uses the story as a carrier to pursue reality and try his best to dig out the true meaning of chaotic life. With the passion of storytelling, he cultivates a storytelling craftsmanship and tells a story generously.

In this way, telling a story well, the so-called success is a matter of course.

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