How to write a novel to understand a story 2: The craftsmanship an author should have to express our interpretation to the world

1. Industry status

Story art is the dominant cultural force in the world, and web novels are at the upper reaches of story creation.

Novels can be adapted into comics, anime, TV dramas, and games.

Good stories have the potential to incubate IP, and readers and audiences are eager for good stories to be born, but their appetites are always insatiable.

We are not short of writers, nor are we short of works. There are too many novels in the world, but there are really very few novels that can be called excellent.

Many people who want to become writers have not had time to learn their own craftsmanship, but already code words in front of computers and mobile phones.

Their execution is worthy of praise, but their execution should be more meaningful. If the direction is wrong, the harder they work, the more passive they will be, and the further they will go on the wrong road.


2. Story Art

Story is the art of meddling with human nature, it is a esoteric fog, and it has infinite charm.

The new-born calf is not afraid of tigers, and the author who moves forward bravely ignites the enthusiasm for creation only with limited experience, combined with limited life experience and limited stories he has read. This is a good thing, but the role of experience is too easily overestimated, and this enthusiasm is too easily suffocated by reality.

A writer cannot escape from life, but must go deep into it and observe it closely. This is the most basic, and it is necessary to acquire knowledge through reading and learning, so that knowledge exceeds experience, especially those unverified experiences should not dominate practice.

Insight into the art of storytelling, and more importantly, self-knowledge, is gained through life and deep reflection on life.

3. Writing skills

As for craftsmanship, it is also called writing skills.

Beginners often regard intuition as a skill, imitate the novels they have read, copy and apply the settings and plots in those novels, and at the same time think that they understand the essence of the routine, the word "cool". What is enviable is that some people are really successful, are you angry?

For most people, we can't wait for a blind cat to meet a dead mouse, we need to get the craft.

The craft is from the inside to the outside, drawing strength from the big muscle movements of desire, opposing forces, turning points, spines, progressions, crises, climaxes, and seeing stories from the inside out. This path requires a certain knowledge base, the effect is slow, and there are some things that are difficult to get through learning, and need to rely on innate understanding.

There is another difficulty in acquiring this craft, we lack a good master. Writing is an act of high self-awareness. There is no literacy in the first place, and the literati are underestimated. The literati always has a kind of arrogance, and they are disobedient to others. Good masters are rare, and who can be the master?

On the other hand, who wants to be the master of whom? An accomplished author is busy. After all, writing novels is a job that takes a lot of time. In the free time, it is almost enough to point the country. How can I teach others to write by hand? Besides, there are some colleagues who are enemies. Maybe it is me. narrow.

4. Get the craft

Literature is the art of language, and the soul of art is to explore values and the right and wrong of life.

Good writers build stories around an awareness of the fundamental value of life, what is worth dying for and living for? What kind of choice is wise, and what kind of pursuit is stupid? What is justice and what is truth?

In an era of chaotic values, the corrosion of values corresponds to the corrosion of stories, the so-called entertainment to death. Readers and viewers craving good stories and not being able to, have to settle for the next best thing, and instead encourage corruption.

As for writers, there is a last resort. Driven by interests and coercion, writers have to eat, can't make money, and there is no other way to survive, so there is a high probability that they will be swept away.

As for the works, the survivors are deviated, the corrupted are deviated, and the story is reduced to a means of making money by some kind of power.

The craft of storytelling is that we dig deep into life, find new insights, and obtain value and meaning that adapt to the times, so as to create a story that expresses our interpretation to an increasingly unknowable world.

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