Children who like to read detective novels have 5 advantages that other children don't have

Detective novels have a huge audience all over the world, and the audience is very wide. In life, we can also see many reasoning enthusiasts, who always talk about real or fictional cases together. Among the fans of detective novels, there are many elementary school children who have liked Kan detective novels since they were young, and have advantages over other children in study and life.

A friend who is a head teacher in an elementary school did a reading survey and counted the books that children like to read. It was found that 30% of the children liked to read detective novels. Among these children, there are some top-notch children.


Children who like to read detective novels have these 5 obvious advantages:

1. Like to use the brain, high IQ

Whether it is Sherlock Holmes written by Conan Doyle, Poirot written by Agatha, Conan Edogawa written by Gosho Aoyama or detectives portrayed in other detective novels, they are all very smart and good at using their brains. No matter how complicated the clues and the hard-to-find evidence, they were able to discover the truth with their wise minds and quick observation.

Children are very good at reading these novels, and they will be attracted by the charm of these detectives. This influence is subtle, so that children will also learn how to use their brains in life, like solving problems, the more difficult it is to solve. question, the more excited they are. They are also more active in learning.

2, logical thinking is more rigorous

Every time a case is solved in the novel is a wonderful journey full of unknowns. When reading the novel, these children often have a strong sense of substitution. They will search for clues and evidence with the detectives in the book, analyze, think, and finally Solve the puzzles and find the truth. In this process, the children will also build their own logic over and over again, making their logical thinking more and more careful.

3. Emotional intelligence will be higher

Many people will question, how can such a rational novel improve children's emotional intelligence? For example, Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes has the habit of observing people's eyes, movements, and language. This kind of observational power is very powerful. Many people with strong empathy ability have strong observational power. Sometimes they can find out what others are thinking from their words and deeds, so they can take more appropriate measures without hurting them. way to deal with the problem.

Children who like to read detective novels will become observant and empathetic under the subtle influence of the content of the novels, and will choose a more appropriate way to deal with problems when dealing with people and things. This is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence.

4. Broader knowledge

The knowledge in detective novels is really rich. There are only things that you can't think of, but you can't do. Many children who like to watch "Sherlock Holmes" can learn physics, chemistry, architecture, literature, history, etc. knowledge in this comic. There are some Knowledge is still very applicable. These knowledge are relatively complex. Some children can summarize, organize, absorb, and internalize their own knowledge while watching. Such children have a wide range of knowledge and are good at using this knowledge.

5. Value correction

Many of the detectives written by the authors are tasked with uncovering the truth. Of course, human nature and legal torture often appear in these works. In addition to some heinous murderers, there are also some murderers who are "dead to death" and cannot be punished by law. A murderer who suffers more than the victim. What should we do when faced with them? Whether to uphold the law of justice, or to decide according to your own heart.

Detectives will believe in the law, stick to principles, and stick to justice, which sets a good example for children. Maybe in the future, children will be confused, but the right values will lead them to stick to their own path.

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