Online novels are a key to our understanding of the real world!

Today, let's not talk about anything else, let's talk about another reason why online literature will gradually grow, and this is also mentioned by the editor in the previous article, and it can be proved philosophically, that is, material determines consciousness.

The truth of the real world often has a background in the virtual world, so the reason for the birth of online novels appears. Because of various things people encounter in society, many people vent their emotions into online novels. .

Some netizens have said this before, why there is not much positive energy in online novels.

Recently, it has also been suggested that online novels are the key to understanding the current world. I agree with this, and I believe that many readers also believe and agree.

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For example, when we are bullied in real life, nine out of ten ordinary people will bear it. After all, reality is cruel, but in online novels, it is different. In online novels, even if we are angry Now, you can basically get back to the scene, which is commonly known as the cool point.

No one wants to be a scumbag forever, and everyone wants to turn over, so in many online novels, the protagonists are often waste materials and waste... For this point, it is actually to enhance the sense of substitution.

After all, as far as the audience of the entire online novel is concerned, the people at the bottom occupy the majority, so it is very important to write something that can give them a strong sense of substitution. Therefore, from this aspect, online novels are a way to understand the current society. key.

In online novels, things that happen in reality are often described, and endings that do not exist in reality are often given. This is actually a channel for people to vent. For example, people are very angry with corrupt officials. In real life , often incompetent.

But in online novels, you can do what you want to do freely. From this point of view, online novels are based on social reality, but it is something that transcends reality to a certain extent.

In it, we can see many, many people and things that we feel alike around us, in which we can see things that we can do nothing to resolve, in which we can find true justice and fairness.

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