Two types of historical novels

1:Historical fiction

The historical novels on the Internet can be roughly divided into two types: historical biography and overhead history. A historical biography is based on an original historical person’s biography that resembles a wild history. Under the original world background and character background, the historical person’s life experience and personality characteristics are reshaped by joking or other methods. For example, "Teaching the Early Tang Dynasty", jokingly tells the story of the betrayal of Fang Xuanling's son Fang, a counselor from the Tang Dynasty who traveled from modern times to the past.

Overhead means to refer to novels with fictional or semi-fictional time background, characters, and time. Overhead history can be divided into two types: overhead background and overhead characters. The overhead background can be divided into two directions. A purely overhead background character is not an overhead. There are relatively few types. Well-known works such as "The Mythology of the Three Kingdoms" by Tombs and Grasses, the characters follow the characters of the Three Kingdoms, but the backgrounds are completely different and become a slightly more mysterious world.


One is that the characters in the background are also empty, such as the tricky "Joy of Life", which uses Fan Xian’s growth process to show the historical ups and downs of the Qing Dynasty for decades. The Qing country of the novel is a fictional historical background, and the protagonist Fan Xian is also Fictional characters.


Overhead figures are fictional historical figures that were not originally in history under the original historical background. This type appears in many online articles and is well understood. For example, "Return to the Ming Dynasty and Become a Prince", the historical background is still the Ming Dynasty, but The role of Zheng Shaopeng is fictitious.

Most of the historical works in the web will start with traversal or rebirth. The purpose of this is to make it more convenient for YY.