Not all online novel readers like it. Readers will be very sad to read these 9 kinds of online novels

Many friends may think that if you write a web novel casually, readers will like it. It would be a big mistake to think so. The author has written online novels for so many years, and has concluded the following nine types of online novels, which readers will definitely not like:

The first type is the online novel with the word count, which is what we often call hydrology. Usually, the works have been signed, or have been put on the shelves, and the author will appear for the sake of full attendance, or some rewards from the novel website. Of course, it is also possible that some great gods, who already have a fixed audience of readers, will also write this kind of hydrology.3cf88759bc0eff43508d9ecf00d4aba.png

The second type is the online novel with the tragic fate of the protagonist. I really don't know what some authors think, the writing is good, and the storyline is good, but the fate of the protagonist in the book, what a tragic one! The author writes sadly, and the readers read it sadly. The author really wants to ask such an author, are you writing a bitter drama?

The third type is an online novel that writes readers' favorite characters to death. In an online novel, readers finally see a little brother or sister they like, or meet a hero they admire, or encounter a character who makes them cry, or read a story that makes them cry. A character who I find very funny, readers want to follow this novel, what about the fate of this character? As a result, the author showed no mercy and directly wrote the character to death. Do you think readers will continue to read this novel?

The fourth type is a web novel where the villain wins. The author who can write such an online novel, the author just wants to ask, did such an author have his head kicked by a donkey or caught by a door? Don't you know that the meaning of the existence of the villain is to set off the power of the protagonist. In the end, you let the villain win, so what's the use of the protagonist in the book? Is it soy sauce?

The fifth type is an online novel in which the protagonist is green. The author of online novels who can write such a plot is believed to be a talent. Regardless of how the protagonist is all-powerful in the book, how he has the air of domineering, first give the protagonist a green hat. What's even more annoying is that the protagonist wears this green hat and doesn't know that he has been green. I don't know how you want readers to read this online novel. Will readers still read such online novels?

The sixth type is an online novel where the protagonist's three views are not correct. In an online novel, do you like the protagonist who is greedy, lustful, selfish, shameless, and wretched, or like the protagonist who is affectionate and righteous, has the courage to sacrifice, and has the correct morality, ideology and values? I believe that many friends will choose the second type of protagonist! But some authors just want to create protagonists with wrong views, so this online novel is not worth reading no matter how wonderful it is!

The seventh type is the online novel with the supporting roles overwhelming. In an online novel, the role of the supporting role is to set off the protagonist, but some friends write the supporting roles so dazzlingly, and the protagonist becomes soy sauce. Such online novels, the supporting roles are overwhelming, readers and friends will not buy it.

The eighth kind is the online novel with the protagonist's halo being too large. In online novels, whether it is a supporting role or a villain, it is to set off the protagonist, but sometimes, we will see such a protagonist, who is very lucky in the book, welcomed by all kinds of beauties, and jealous of any villain and supporting role. It is the master of the book. It seems that the protagonist is there, and the other characters have no place at all. At this time, the halo given to the protagonist is too large. Logic, do you think readers will like it? Writing online novels is not about writing fairy tales to coax children!

The ninth type, the same routine. Now the most popular online novels should be all kinds of routines, but in fact readers are also the most disgusted with routines. Many authors who write routine essays are almost newbies who have just started. I don’t know where to find novel routines that have been written thousands of times, and they regard them as treasures. How do readers in the district comment on this routine? The readers of routine essays have long been tired of aesthetics, so I advise everyone to write less or not to write routine essays. Writing routine essays is really not a shortcut to writing online essays, but it will make you lose your own writing style.

The above are the nine types of online novels that readers do not like. Everyone who writes online novels, please consider more readers and friends, and give readers a healthy and good reading experience. This is the purpose of writing online novels. Instead of writing these nine types of online novels, we write sadistically, and readers will see it even more sadly.

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